Saturday, February 23, 2008

Take the Hillary Clinton Test: Seven Little-Known Facts about HRC

"What you don't know won't hurt you."

The common saying above might apply to Hillary Clinton.

Or not.

At any rate, we looked for little known facts about Hillary Clinton--just because we're big trivia buffs, don't you know. And we came up with seven that we can use without seeming, well, partisan.

Take the Hillary Clinton Test. What kind of score can you achieve?

So, here are seven little-known facts about the Woman who would be President.

1. In 1969, after Hillary Diane Rodham graduated with departmental honors in political science, she worked her way across Alaska, washing dishes in Mount McKinley National Park and sliming salmon in a fish processing cannery in Valdez (which fired her and shut down overnight when she complained about unhealthy conditions).

2. In 1978, Hillary Clinton invests $1,000 in cattle futures. Within a few days she has a $5,000 profit. Before bailing out she earns nearly $100,000 on her investment. Many years later, several economists will calculate that the chances of earning such returns legally were one in 250 million.

Hillary Clinton makes a $44,000 profit on a $2,000 investment in a cellular phone franchise deal that involves taking advantage of the FCC's preference for locals, minorities and women. The franchise is almost immediately flipped to the cellular giant, McCaw.

3. It took Bill Clinton 4 years to make Hillary become his wife. They started dating in 1971. Hillary Rodham and Bill Clinton were married on October 11, 1975, in a Methodist ceremony in their living room.

4. Bill Clinton returned to the Governor's office in 1982. Only then Hillary Diane Rodham began to use the name Hillary Clinton, or sometimes "Mrs. Bill Clinton", in order to have greater appeal to voters.

5. From 1986 to 1992 Hillary Clinton was enjoying six-year tenure as a director of Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest company. Fellow board members and company executives say Mrs. Clinton used her position to champion personal causes, like the need for more women in management and a comprehensive environmental program.

6. Hillary Clinton failed the bar exam in Washington D.C.--but passed it in Arkansas.
This must have been somewhat of a blow to "The World's Smartest Woman".

But, when life gave her lemons, Hillary made lemonade. As she puts it:
"I had taken both the Arkansas and the Washington, D.C., bar exams during the summer, but my heart was pulling me toward Arkansas. When I learned that I had passed in Arkansas but failed in D.C., I thought that maybe my test scores were telling me something." --from "Living History" by Hillary Clinton.

7. Hillary Clinton became involved into a scandal about having a lesbian affair with her personal aide Huma Abedin. A new book by Edward Klein, ‘The Truth About Hillary’ is said to make some claims about Hillary Clinton having lesbian relationships.

How many of these little-known facts did you know?

Here's how you score:

0-1 answer right = Average American voter
2 answers right=== Democrat
3 answers right=== Hillary Supporter
4 answers right=== Hillary campaign contributor
5 answers right=== Political junkie
6 answers right=== Opposition research, McCain For President
7 answers right=== James Carville or Bill Hillary

What was your score?

by Mondoreb
* borderbasher
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