Saturday, February 23, 2008

Larry Sinclair: Obama Accuser Submits to Polygraph

The strange sordid saga of the man who alleges he and Senator Barack Obama had a couple of one-nighters with illegal drugs and oral sex has gotten even stranger, with polygraphs, drug tests, fatal brain tumors, Vicki Iseman, and the tabloid, The Globe.

According to the site,, which has the video and the details, Sinclair has submitted to both a drug test and the first of two polygraphs. has stepped into the breach left by the non-response of the MSM. The site offered Sinclair $10,000 to take a polygraph to substantiate the allegations Sinclair made on a video posted a month ago on Youtube. also agreed to pay Sinclair the sum of $100,000 if he passed the polygraph.

Sinclair maintains that he met Obama back in November of 1999 in an "upscale" Chicago lounge. He alleges that he and Obama went back to a limo Sinclair had rented where Obama allegedly procured illegal drugs, crack and powder cocaine for their use, and that he, Sinclair, gave the then State Representative Obama, a "blow job."

Sinclair goes on to allege that he and Obama met a second time, at an unknown motel in Gurnee, Illinois.

Vicki Iseman

To prove their site is non-partisan, has also challenged the woman in the center of the McCain lobbyist scandal, Vicki Iseman, to take a polygraph and if she passes, the sum of $100,000.

Sinclair in 1999 is reporting that Sinclair has now submitted to a first polygraph and will take a second, the results which will be announced on their site, "Monday or Tuesday." is also reporting that Sinclair was given a drug test prior to the polygraph.

DBKP contacted Mr. Sinclair for an interview and after an initial contact, there's been no further response from Sinclair. DBKP is also attempting to verify information about Sinclair that was put out in a piece written by the tabloid, The Globe.

Since the MSM has failed to investigate Sinclair and/or his claims it has fallen upon the shoulders of intrepid bloggers. has gone above and beyond by getting Sinclair to submit to a polygraph.

So far details about Sinclair, who he is, his past, have not been forthcoming. The Globe put out a story, "Obama Sex Scandal" in its latest edition. We'd put up a link but we're too cheap to spend the money for an online subscription and so quotes will have to suffice.

According to the details printed in the Globe of Sinclair's past, these "facts" could call into question the veracity of his claims.

According to the Globe Sinclair is a 46-year-old ex-con whose "spent time in prison in Florida, Arizona and Colorado on credit card fraud and other charges."

The Globe claims Sinclair was a coke and pot drug trafficker and also a "coyote," a person who "moved" people from Mexico to the United States. For a price.

Not only does the Globe claim Sinclair is an ex-con, coyote, dope trafficker, but that Sinclair has now been diagnosed with a "brain tumor" and "given only a little more than a year to live."

The Globe has also expanded Sinclair's "story" about the night he "met" Obama at a lounge in Chicago. According the Globe, just after meeting the Senator at the lounge Sinclair told Obama he could "use a line (of cocaine) to wake up." Sinclair says Obama "made a phone call and said he could get it for me."

Sinclair says he gave Obama $250 which Obama allegedly used to buy crack and powder cocaine. In his Youtube video, Sinclair claims he and Obama also spent a gay ole time at a motel in Gurnee, Illinois.

Quite a few "details" indeed.

An ex-con, credit card fraud, drug and human trafficking, and now a terminal brain tumor with less than a year to live.

Shades of a Mexican telenovela, but then life is stranger than fiction.

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