Monday, February 11, 2008

Roy Schneider: Jaws Montage Film Tribute

Robert Shaw, Roy Schneider and Richard Dreyfus, 1975's epic movie, Jaws

Roy Schneider, star of 1975's epic scary shark flick, Jaws, has passed away at age 75. In a salute to Schneider, DBKP has put together a mini-film clip montage of the movie that brought Schneider recognition as one of the main characters to fight the "horror" from the sea, Jaws.

Released in 1975, the movie Jaws came from the pen of writer Peter Benchley, who wrote both the novel and the screenplay. Director Stephen Spielberg turned Benchley's screenplay into a modern "horror" story, a monster on the loose, prowling the local beaches just beneath the surface of the water.

Schneider's character, new Police Chief Martin Brody of the little beach tourist town of Amity, is faced with the growing horror of bumbling bureaucrats, the town mayor and coroner, who label a fatal shark attack as a boating accident during an influx of July 4th tourists. After another attack kills a young boy in plain sight of beach goers, Brody has to deal with the influx of amateur shark hunters and an increasingly scared townspeople.

The classic "fingernails on chalkboard" scene with Quint, Robert Shaw.

The Jaws movie trailer - 1975

In the end it's Schneider's character, Brody, and two others who go out and battle the super-sized great white shark, marine biologist Mat Hooper, played by Richard Dreyfus, and crusty old fisherman Quint, played by Robert Shaw.

Schneider starred in other films, notably 1971's The French Connection and 1979's All That Jazz, but Jaws was, for us, the film that made him a star. The man who faced a giant killing machine of the sea and won.

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