Monday, February 11, 2008

Israel's Creation: A Quick History

Doug Ross Provides Accurate Historical Shorthand

Doug Ross may have tapped into a previously-unconsidered source of power: gnomes.

That is the only explanation for the many fine multimedia presentations that Doug lays out over at Doug Ross @Journal: there must be many gnomes laboring in the dark, working on Doug's various projects.

We've been meaning to mention one that caught our eye on Christmas Eve about "What Really Happened" in the Middle East concerning the Israelis and Palestinians and the creation of the state of Israel.

But it slipped our mind.

We were over at DR's this afternoon and saw a photo from the post and it reminded us again.
As the world's attention turns to the town of Bethlehem, it's worth revisiting the question: what really happened in the Middle East? Why is it so dysfunctional? What prevents people of all religions from living in peace? The highlights of The Terrorism Awareness Project's presentation are worth reviewing.

Below are the next three photos in the post, of Hezbollah attacking Haifa in 2006.

The presentation goes on to explain the history of the creation of the Jewish state of Israel, something you won't get if use Jimmy Carter or the European Union as a reference source.

It's also something you won't get if you follow the news in the Mainstream Media.

History to the MSM is what occurs between the shampoo and blow-dry portions of yesterday's daily hair care cycle.

Many is the time we've explained the history of the Middle East in the 20th century after World War I and the British mandate of Palestine: both on radio and in print.

We've actually done some work on a similar post, but we shelved it--at least for a while--after looking at Doug's handiwork.

NOW, we'll just send the curious or misinformed over to Doug Ross @Journal to look at "What Really Happened".

Accurate, historical shorthand is always valuable in this fast-paced, largely-ignorant a-go-go world that we live in.

by Mondoreb
images: Doug Ross @Journal
Source: What Really Happened


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