Wednesday, February 6, 2008

John McCain: Reactions Heat Up

The Thought Crime of Pointing Out
That John McCain is No Conservative

One can group almost all John McCain media stories into a few categories.


The media is not very original?

Take the DBKP John McCain Media Taste Taste: see if the next McCain story you read can't be filed under one of the following.


1 John McCain--Maverick Conservative--Upsets Ugly Conservatives

2 John McCain--The Candidate the Democrats Fear


1 Come on Guys! Get Behind McCain, Please! We Can't let Hillary Win!

2 Come on Guys! You're Nuts! You're Just Going to Let a Democrat Win!


1 McCain is no Conservative

2 Look at McCain's Record

3 McCain's Animosity Toward Conservatives and Republicans


The liberal MSM keeps trying to paint John McCain as a "conservative", Republican party poobahs just want a winner, and conservatives keep pointing to McCain's record, assembled over years of votes and quotes.

For their trouble in documenting the antagonism of John McCain toward most conservative ideas, Rush Limbaugh and other have been labeled as "hysterical", "unreasoning" and worse by, not only the MSM, but others in and out of the blogosphere.

Sounds like McCain describing conservatives whenever they disagree with him.

All they left out is "racist" and "stupid": two descriptions McCain used this past summer for conservative opponents who disagreed with him on his Immigration bill.

The liberal Mainstream Media's wet dream is a McCain vs. Obama or Hillary showdown. It's a win-win situation for them. On issue after issue, McCain's position is almost identical to Hillary Clinton's position.

The only difference is that McCain will have an "R" by his name, Clinton, a "D".

This may concern those who feel that they are part of a "team" when they vote and like to be on the winning side.

Screw that.

Join a bowling league.

McCain-Clinton: Many Similarities, Few Differences

An appeal by John McCain for conservative support would be similar--not quite, but almost exactly--to an appeal by Hillary Clinton.

Both have shown animus over the years to almost all parts of the Republican coalition at one time or another.

Both have disdain for social conservatives--families--and the issues which matter more to them.

Both are almost completely, philosophically vapid; tacking with the wind. McCain's only exception has been on national defense, though he still doesn't have a spotless record, even there. Clinton has been steadfast on national healthcare coverage.

Both are politicians first.

Republican "Get on Board" Reaction

Somebody named Glenn Sacks wrote a piece on Blogger's News Network today that is somewhat representative of the second strain of media stories concerning John McCain.

It's one of the "Republican first" mindset.
The biggest reason why people on the far right hate McCain is that McCain, unlike many conservatives, talks sense on immigration. Sorry, but anybody who thinks that we are going to round up 12 million people–people who are an important part of our economy and who often have deep ties to this country as well as children who are US citizens–is living in a dream world. There will be another amnesty. The only question is when.

Mr. Sacks packs quite an innuendo punch.

In one paragraph, he has determined that those who disagree with McCain's record are "far right".

And, that "hate" is the motivating factor in their disagreement. How tiresome to read that from someone who is not a liberal writer.

Mr. Sacks has a promising career as a MSM commentator in front of him.

One needn't have "hate" to point out McCain's record and quotes: only a desire for accuracy.

Mr. Sacks also trots out the weary nag of an idea: that of "rounding up 12 million people". What is it about wanting to enforce the security of borders which drives Mr. Sacks to construct this straw man?

Anyone who thinks that America will be a safer place by our continuing to play that game of Russian Roulette by allowing our southern border to remain porous and inviting, will have to explain how this is so.

Wanting to know this constitutes "intellectual curiosity", not "hate".

Countries either stop bad situations from getting worse, or they suffer the consequences.

One can appreciate Senator McCain's service to his country 30+ years ago without equating that service with the idea that McCain should be in the White House.

The lack of enthusiasm from conservatives concerning McCain should be understandable: he is no conservative. The attempt to label McCain as a "conservative" has been what has created the problem.

McCain is a Republican.

And that is fine. He can run as a Republican, win or lose as a Republican, govern or fade away as a Republican.

But he is simply no conservative, never has been and, unless he is stricken by a "on the road to Damascus" conversion moment with an Angel of the Lord, he will never be a conservative.

So, John McCain: run as a Republican and quit trying to paint yourself as a conservative.

That's all conservative pundits are asking for: just some straight talk from John McCain.

Just this time, for once.

by Mondoreb
image: freaking news
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