Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pet Goth Girl Saga Continues

"She followed me home, Mom. Can I keep her?"

Out for a little stroll and to enjoy the
weather with his pet Goth girl

The story of another Brave Group--The Goths-- "Who Only Just Want to Be Different". And they are treated exactly that way, but decide to opt out for the easy living lifestyle of the "The Young and The Victimized".

We wrote last week about a lonely boy and his pet Goth chick, whom he led around on a leash.

She got thrown off a bus in England and was upset about being treated like, well, a pet.

"Pet Girl Gets Thrown Off Bus; Bus Company Apologizes for Treating Her Like a Pet"

The pet Goth in question, 19-year-old Tasha Maltby, pictured above, has become quite strident about those who dare treat her like a pet.

"It is definitely discrimination, almost like a hate crime," Maltby said recently about the bus episode.

So, she was treated like a pet. Pets aren't allowed on the bus--unless they're registered seeing eye dogs.

What does Maltby think about that?

"I am a pet, I generally act animal like and I lead a really easy life."

When Maltby was told she wasn't to be allowed on the bus on her leash, she acted in an almost animal-like way.

"I got a bit angry and called him a fascist pig."

Ms. Maltby and her "owner" are both on welfare.John East, of Poole, England, after reading the story in the Daily Mail, asked a question likely to be on many a mind.

"Why are these two perfectly healthy looking people on benefits, they should both be working as according to our wonderful PM there are plenty of Employment opportunity's available."

We don't want to get too far into the politics of the moment in England--that's a job for the European Union, not us.

It does seem that the Goth culture in England may be an embattled one, at least in the minds of its adherents.

The haunting plaints from a Goth under siege.
Fellow goth Susan Walker, of Marshall Street, Mirfield, said rude comments from people eventually made her give up her usual choice of dress in public.

But she said as a mark of solidarity with Mr Graves and Miss Maltby, she would start to dress like a goth again.

Mrs Walker, 54, said: "I moved here four years ago after getting wed to a local guy, and had quite a culture shock. I am originally from Whitby, the spiritual home of all goths worldwide. Nobody bats an eyelid when you are seen in the Co-op shopping, fully 'gothed-up', it is an everyday occurrence."

Mrs Walker said after moving to Mirfield, she was shocked to hear people calling her a devil-worshipper. She said she tried to set up a social club for goths in Mirfield but it was disbanded because members were getting hassled too much at meetings.

And she eventually got so sick of people's rude reactions to her appearance that she started to dress more conventionally.

She said: "After six months of living here, I too suffered black looks and nasty comments and so stopped wearing my goth clothes in order to fit in.

"This will happen no longer. From this day forth, I will be seen in my normal clothes – goth – in support of Dani and Tasha. I ask any other 'closet' goths to do the same."

She said a typical outfit she now wears to the shops includes purple Doc Marten boots decorated with cobwebs, a skirt which is long at the back and short at the front, and black or purple tights.

Then Walker uncorked a quote which makes one stop and ponder everything she previously said.

"No way are we freaks or dogs. We are ordinary people who just wish to be individuals and not follow the sheep."

Fair enough.

But when people comment on Susan Walker's method of showing she's an individual and not one of the sheep, isn't it a bit cheeky to take offense when they notice?

Susan wants all of the credit and adrenaline of being a trailblazer--with a safety net.

If she's going to swim against the tide, she shouldn't expect it to be easy.

If it's easy she wants, she should swim with the tide or float along. Which she decided to do.

Also, if she ever decides to swim against the tide again, here's a tip.

Keep your mouth shut.

Or she'll get a mouthful of water for her troubles, as well as not likely reach her goal.

Whatever that may be

by Mondoreb
hat tip on the pic: meMarc at LGF
image: daily mail
Source: Things Get Heavy for Goths


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