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Trench Reynolds: DBKP The Week in Crime

January 27-February 2, 2008

I'm Trench Reynolds.

I blog about crime.
Just not punctually sometimes.

This is DBKP's Week in Crime for Jan 27th through Feb 2nd, 2008

I'm sure by now you've all heard about Ann Marie Linscott, the woman who tried to hire hitman on craigslist. I have been following that story at craigscrimelist but I found the story about the man who bit off a craigslist prostitute's ear much more compelling.

At the user generated I posted a fascinating link to an interview with one of the actresses who plays a teenager on the controversial To Catch a Predator series of stories on Dateline. We're still in desperate need of contributors at

My pick for story of the week at News of Doom was a story that didn't garner any national attention but should have. It was about a teenage girl from Jacksonville, Florida who was kidnapped and gang raped while walking to school.

As of the end of last week perennial powerhouse Florida was leading the competition in points.

Over at MyCrimeSpace posting was slow but I did post about how Connecticut's vaunted MySpace initiative failed to prevent another child molester. Connecticut seems to be ground zero for MySpace pedophiles.

At Psycho for Love I posted an interesting story about a Pennsylvania man who accidentally killed his wife with homemade electrified nipple clamps. I wonder if that's where the Super Bowl commercial got the idea.

At Public Enemy: Player1 I posted about how the mother of not only the victim but of also one of the suspects in the so called 'Mortal Kombat' killing was arrested on an outstanding child abuse warrant. I'm sure her kids' upbringing had nothing to do with the crime and it was all about the video game.

At Tased and Confused there was an interesting story about a Canadian man who was Tased for trying to rip off his own face on a Greyhound Bus. Greyhound should use that in their advertising. You won't get a dinner but you'll probably get a show.

And lastly at TheTrenchcoat Chronicles I use the term 'mutant' a lot. I use it to describe kids and shockingly enough some adults who idolize school shooters. Last week I posted about one such mutant from Ohio who was sending threatening e-mails to the lead Columbine investigator.

That's it for last week. I'm Trench Reynolds and until next week I'll be trying not to get drysocket again.

by Trench Reynolds
[image: Trench Reynolds]

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[NOTE: Trench has been under the weather lately and we all wish him a speedy recovery back into the world of chronicling the misdeeds of man.]


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