Friday, February 8, 2008

Metrosexuals Drugged By 'Flirtatious' Women at posh Dallas Hotels

Proving to be easy targets, several metrosexual men have become victims of "flirtatious" women at upscale Dallas hotels and bars.

According to the Houston Chronicle, several "well dressed" men have been victimized by what authorities believe is a "ring" of "flirtatious" women. One of the men suffered "injuries" when he was beaten by a high heel shoe.

The authorities say there have been at least half a dozen incidents of men who were robbed of their high priced Rolex watches, wallets and other items after the overly flirtatious women allegedly slipped an unknown drug into their drinks.

Dallas Police Detective Mark Jenkins said that he didn't believe it was a case of the men approaching the women but of the women aggressively going after their victims, metrosexual business travelers sporting high end Rolex watches.
"I don't know if so much it's that the men are being attracted to them, as that (the suspects) are more or less forcing themselves on the men," Jenkins said.
One man who was brave enough to go to the authorities was a 37-year-old executive from Florida whose Ipod, laptop, and $4,000 cash went missing after he drank a beer with one of the "flirty" women.

Police must have some idea who the women are as the Chronicle notes the authorities know some of the women have histories as prostitutes. Rather "flirtatious" ones at that.

The moral of the story:

Metrosexual men beware of overly-flirtatious women bearing drinks at upscale bars and hotels, especially if you're wearing a Rolex.

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