Saturday, February 9, 2008

UN Says Los Angeles is Violating International Drug Treaties

The U.N. is declaring Los Angeles in violation of UN treaties.

If there is any further proof needed that the extranational, unelected bureaucrats at the United Nations would like to extend their power over the United States, look no further than this story.

Last week, we detailed the opening of vending machines in LA dispensing marijuana. (Marijuana Vending Machines Debut in California)

The vending machines in Los Angeles violate international treaties and should be shut down, the U.N.-affiliated drug control board said Friday.
"The International Narcotics Control Board is deeply concerned about reports that computerized vending machines to dispense cannabis (marijuana) have been put into operation in Los Angeles," Philip O. Emafo, president of the board, said in a statement.

Will pot smokers be burning UN flags in LA?

They might, provided they can muster the energy to do so.
At least three Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries have installed vending machines to distribute the drug to people who carry cards authorizing marijuana use. The drug is said to alleviate chronic pain, loss of appetite and other ailments.

Supporters say the machines, which dispense 1/8th or 2/8th of an ounce of marijuana at a time, offers users lower drug prices and increases security.

In a modern-day clash of our federal system, marijuana use is illegal under U.S. federal law, which does not recognize the medical marijuana laws in California and 11 other states.

And now the UN wants to get involved?

The international busybody--which seats terror-sponsoring nations on its anti-terror board, sponsors conferences (i.e., vacations) for such media-shilled "problems" like climate change and has diverted more American tax dollars into the private bank accounts of corrupt officials than any old-style big-city political machine every could accomplish--ought to stick to what it does best: endlessly issuing statements warning countries about the United States and Israel.

And bungling everything its massive bureaucracy touches.

"Kiss My Ass and Pass the Oreos".

Translate that.

[hat tip: Brock Lorber, Freedom Phoenix]
by Mondoreb
image: mrmat
Source: UN board says Marijuana Machines Illegal


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