Friday, March 28, 2008

For Sahara the Artic Seal, Freedom Means Right to be Wrong

Sometimes, a story takes curious turns in the telling.

"I've got a right to be wrong"
--English singer-songwriter Joss Stone

Freedom means free to be wrong.

So turns the story of Sahara the Arctic Seal.

The seal has twice been rescued in warmer waters far from home. Once in 2006 off the coast of North Africa: hence, his name.

After being nursed back to health in Britain (no word if his health care was provided by the government), Sahara was set free, only to paddle in the completely wrong direction a second time.

Animal rights activists then battled to give Sahara one more chance to avoid a life in captivity.

Five month ago:
"We're disappointed that he headed south and not back up north," said Tamara Cooper, an animal care supervisor at the National Seal Sanctuary in southern England. "But we're relieved that he's safe and well."

Sahara's fate remains unknown, but his story gives the opportunity to mention that being free means having the right to be wrong: the freedom to fail.

It also gives another opportunity: the opportunity to present a ridiculous 30-second Japanese video. It may or may not pertain to this subject. Readers can decide for themselves.

Questions of directional ability and liberty surround Sahara; no such questions surround the above video.

It is clearly wrong.

Just wrong.

by Mondoreb
image/idea: RidesAPaleHorse
Source: Arctic Seal Heads to Warmer Waters Again

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