Friday, March 28, 2008

Pig Sitter Allows Portly Porker to Pig Out

Is there no justice?

The wheels of justice grind slowly, but somewhere in Minnesota, a pig sitter still is free.

Back in November 2007, a a pet pig, whose weight had tripled under the care of pig sitter, Mary Beesecker, was placed on a diet and Beesecker charged with an animal cruelty violation.

Try as we could, and with the resources of the Internet at our fingertips, no news of whether Besecker ever faced Minnesota justice in this tale of porky porker woe.
The 5-year-old animal, Alaina Templeton, part potbellied pig, has lost 10 percent of her 150 pounds and is recovering well from surgery to remove a collar that had become embedded in her overly fat neck, owner Michelle Schmitz said.

The sitter was apparently neglecting Alaina and let the pig roam outdoors, free to chomp on cat food and chicken feed at the co-worker's farm.
Alaina had made headlines the week before the animal cruelty charges, after Schmitz complained that the pet sitter had allowed Alaina to go from her normal 50 pounds to 150 pounds in just nine months. Schmitz had left Alaina with the sitter, a co-worker, while she was on medical leave to recover from ankle surgery.

A clean pig is a happy pig

All's well that ends well for the portly pig, however. It was reported that the "pet is back home, the excess pounds will "melt off" with a healthy diet and exercise."

Was this case ever resolved?

Efforts to find out if Alaina was avenged proved fruitless.

Has Mary Beesecker ever faced the might of the Minnesota court system?

Is this what passes for justice in the Land of 10,000 Lakes?

Has Alaina, the obese porker, ever received justice for being allowed to eat like a pig?

Th-th-th-that's all, folks!

by Mondoreb

idea/image: RidesAPaleHorse
Source: Pig Sitter Charged

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