Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fark Watch: Top Recent Farked Headlines

The best headlines [and their tags], seen recently at

* Qantas pilot accidentally says the secret code word for hijacking. Everyone else in Peewee's Playhouse screams and jumps around [Dumbass]

* Italian woman found murdered in Turkey after trying to hitch-hike to the Middle East to promote peace. "I want to show that I can put my trust in local people" [Ironic]

* No surprise: Our "favored nation" trading partner China has been spying on us for years. The surprise is how they've been doing it. Hint: you might want to close that Word doc before reading this [Scary]

* Seventy-nine percent say cheating on taxes is wrong. The other twenty-one percent laugh as they walk into their executive boardrooms and Congressional offices [Interesting]

* If you rob a restaurant twice in a row, make sure the local news station isn't there when you try for a third time (video news story) [Dumbass]

* Postal official defends $13,500 steak dinner [Florida]

* Man arrested for selling 14,030 fake Viagra tablets on the Internet, asks judge to go soft on him but gets two years hard time [Dumbass]

* NYPD rookies may be underpaid, but nevertheless, robbing a bank is not an approved moonlighting gig [Strange]

* Gas station attendant sets .35 cent gas price accidently at 9:00 A.M. , doesn't notice mistake until 6:00 P.M [Dumbass]

* The Clinton campaign fires someone for NOT lying about something [Amusing]

* Taxpayer-funded Islamic charter school in Minnesota finally flies the American flag, which is required of public schools. Director claims he didn't do it for five years before because he couldn't work the rope [Followup]

[DISCLAIMER: "Best" is a subjective term and in the eye of the beholder.]

compiled by Mondoreb
image: fark

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