Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Larry Sinclair: Mystery of Obama Accuser's Past

One has to admire the faithful followers of Obama accuser, Larry Sinclair. Just this week two outstanding warrants surfaced for Sinclair, one in Colorado from 2001 and another one from Florida from back in 1987.

When another poster at another site posted info on the Colorado warrant Larry chastised the poster and informed him that the Colorado warrant was the only one "legally" active and that the warrant was the "only" unresolved warrant bearing Sinclair's name.

Well, make that the only unresolved warrant bearing the Lawrence Wayne Sinclair name because it was only a few days later that another warrant for Sinclair surfaced, from Dade City, Florida, in 1987.

Sinclair posted the Florida case file number, 87258CFAES and the date. Here's a link to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for persons "wanted". Sinclair's name at the time wasn't Lawrence W. Sinclair nor Larry Sinclair but La Rye V. Avila. Larry verified that this warrant applied to him, he also said that he contacted the Florida authorities in an effort to clear the matter up.

Larry didn't make any apologies for the matter, nor why he happened to have a long standing warrant with Florida, just that $925 would clear it up.

Even though Sinclair steadfastly maintains he has "nothing to hide" he hasn't been forthcoming as to what he was doing nor where he was living back in November 1999 when, according to Sinclair, he "rented a limo" in Chicago and met the then State Representative Barack Obama for a night of sex and crack cocaine.

An affidavit Sinclair filed in 2004 with the Colorado Courts in a motion to dismiss an outstanding 2001 warrant from Pueblo County sheds some light on Sinclair's "proclivities".

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