Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Theatre President's Actress' Wife Airs Dirty Laundry on YouTube

British actress Tricia Walsh-Smith takes the newest step in airing one's dirty laundry, a long winded kooky diatribe bent on exposing her hubby, Phillip Smith, President of the Shubert Organization, and their marriage woes.

The internet and sites such as Youtube have become a global "town square". Mrs. Smith used Youtube as a venue to publicly air her gripes about her hubby or did she do it in order to publicly embarrass and humiliate him?

Whatever her motive, in the end, the only fool is Mrs. Smith. Most of us do not want to be privy to the inner workings of other people's marriages. It's like being stuck on a bar stool next to a stranger who reveals details about their mate, details which should remain private, details, which if the other person knew where being bandied about in public, would be highly embarrassed.

In short, Mrs. Smith broke the code of Relationship Conduct. If the details you tattle about your mate or soon to be ex-mate are salacious, and you participated in those details, such as Mrs. Smith's husband's Viagra and porn habits, then you've outed yourself as an even bigger fool than your husband.

In the end it was Mrs. Smith's actions on the Youtube video, of publicly airing her marriage's dirty laundry, that catapulted her into the catbird seat of fools.


Source - Rocky Mountain News - Youtube Video Highlights irreconcilable differences

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