Monday, April 7, 2008

Trench Reynolds: DBKP This Week in Crime, March 30-April 5

March 30th-April 5th, 2008.

I'm Trench Reynolds.

I blog about crime.

I'm also fashionably late.

This is the DBKP Week in Crime for March 30th-April 5th, 2008.

At craigscrimelist the story of the week was not about a crime per se but how craigslist is flexing their legal muscle against a man who had a blog about craigslist before they did.

Over at I made this post a full day before the passing of Charlton Heston. Click on over and you'll see why that's relevant. Just as an aside on Mr. Heston I think it's a shame that a lot of people will choose to ignore his role in civil rights in this country.

At News of Doom my pick for story of the week was about a man from Conn. who traveled 1000 miles to have sex with a 7-year-old girl.

Florida still stands atop the U.S. score.

The latest chapter in the Megan Meier saga has already been covered here at DBKP so from MyCrimeSpace I'll bring you the story of the Saudi man who killed his daughter because of Facebook and why I think the story is fake.

At Psycho for Love I generated a little controversy when I lamented that Andrea Yates is till incarcerated while the husband that drove her to kill, Rusty Yates, just spawned again.

CrimeTube is no longer CrimeTube. It seems I was infringing on a trademark by using that name so the new name is ViceTube. And from ViceTube I posted a story about a woman who was allegedly gang raped and the video was posted to YouTube. It turns out that she may be the actual predator.

And lastly at TheTrenchcoat Chronicles I weigh in with my opinion on the Georgia 3rd graders who plotted to kill their teacher. I'll let you in on a little secret to that post. My comments are sort of tongue in cheek.

That's it for this week.

Until next time I'm Trench Reynolds.

by Trench Reynolds
[image: Trench Reynolds]
Source: Trench Reynolds DBKP This Week in Crime March 30-April 5

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