Monday, May 26, 2008

Acapulco: Cliff Divers Face Raw Sewage

Acapulco, Mexico: the spectacular city built along the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean, home of sun, sand, and every second an estimated 400 gallons of raw sewage "spewing" into the once crystal blue waters of the Bay.

Acapulco was once a popular resort where American movie stars such as Frank Sinatra partied in palatial homes, whose Bay was described as one of the most beautiful in the world with its famous cliff divers, the La Quebrada.

President Calderon has pledged US $70 million to upgrade 14 plants, including the one that treats 80% of the city's estimated two million resident's sewage.

La Quebrada "clavadistas" perform for tourists. Each day the divers climb the face of the cliff then pray at a small shrine. They need to, they're about to dive a distance of 130 feet into a gorge of once pristine waters, now polluted with raw sewage, all for the sum of two dollars and/or tips from tourists.


Source - Sign on San Diego - Mexico to Clean up Sewage in Acapulco Bay
Source - MexicoDoc - La Quebrada Divers
Image - Quebrada

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