Monday, May 26, 2008

Big Muskie: Biggest Machine Ever to Walk the Earth

Pixelaneous #45

One Day While Out Riding the Triumphs...

A recent trip to the strip-mined fields of Eastern Ohio, to check out the bucket of Big Muskie, provided a backdrop for a ride on the Triumphs on a brilliantly sunny day. As well as the subject for Pixelaneous #45.

As Scott puts it, "Myself ,my brother,and Dave Bober took the Triumphs for a ride today.. went to see the old bucket off the Big Muskie."

From Blake Malkamaki:
"She" dwells in the coal-rich hills of southeast Ohio, near the small town of Cumberland. She is a big girl. Her name is Big Muskie and she is the biggest machine that has ever walked on the face of the earth. The Big Muskie is a giant electric-powered Bucyrus-Erie dragline owned by the Central Ohio Coal Company, a division of American Electric Power.

Taking three years to build, she started her career in 1969 removing overburden from coal formations. The coal would then be ripped up by dozers and loaded into giant haul trucks for transport, eventually to AEP's huge power plant at Relief, Ohio. In 1991, due to a depression in the demand for high-sulfur Ohio coal, she was parked until her need would arise once again.

And then it was time for the riders to head out...

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