Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Austrian Father Who Held Sex-Slave Daughter Captive: Police Find More Secret Rooms

Josef Fritzl, Man who kept daughter sex-slave captive 24 years

New details have emerged in the story of the Austrian man who held his daughter captive as a sex-slave for 24 years in the family's secret cellar-prison. Police now say there are more hidden unsealed rooms yet to be investigated in Josef Fritzl's cellar-prison of horror.

According to the Daily Mail, the cops have completed an investigation of the cellar-prison rooms where Fritzl kept his daughter and three of her seven children born to him, captive. The cops claim there are even more hidden rooms that are still sealed that they plan to investigate. They also say Fritzl moved an astounding 200 tons of dirt carving out the secret cellar-prison.

Fritzl had obtained a permit from the city of Amstetten in 1978 where the Fritzl family home, a concrete villa that contained 8 flats is located. Fritzl was also given a government grant which he used to finance his "project". The government grants were given out for people who wished to build Cold-War nuclear fallout bunkers. Fritzl used the funds to build a hidden fortified bunker used to imprison his 19-yr.-old daughter Elisabeth beginning in 1984. Elisabeth was to remain in the windowless series of rooms for 24 years, bearing her father seven children, one child purportedly died shortly after death. Fritzl is accused of tossing the baby boy's body into a furnace.

Fritzl's nuclear fallout shelter was approved for a room the size of 20 square meters. According to investigators when Fritzl drugged his daughter and locked her into the secret cellar-prison in 1984 there was only one room. Elisabeth was chained up with a dog collar and leash for the first nine months.

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Source - Daily Mail - Sniffer dogs begin new search of Fritzl home as police reveal father moved 200 tons of earth to build incest cellar
Image - Fritzl
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