Monday, May 5, 2008

DBKP Random Roundup: Liberal and Clueless May 4

A random roundup of the trivial pursuits of the liberal and clueless:


Miss Great Britain, Gemma Garrett, is throwing her c-cup into the ring.

She intends to run for Parliament as a Labor candidate. The 26-year-old says she wants to "put beauty back into politics"

Maybe it's just a lame PR stunt.

But so what? She's easy on the eyes, and from this corner, that does count for something. Granted, she's from the Labour Party, but then again, they need all the help they can get.
--Jammie Wearing Fool: Blonde Ambition: Well, At Least She'll Renew Interest in Politics


A new stamp offers a design for a new Israeli flag. We're sure it will never fly as the official flag, but it does no harm in proposing it.
In honor of Israel's 60th Independence Day, which will be celebrated this Wednesday night and Thursday, a group of revenants designed the new flag pictured at the top of this post. The flag memorializes the disastrous expulsion of Jews from Gaza and Gush Katif in the summer of 2005.

Instead of the Star of David, a picture of the destroyed Neve Dekelim Yeshiva is featured on the revamped flag.

The yeshiva, which was demolished by Palestinians after the IDF and police forcibly evacuated the Jewish residents of the Gaza Strip in the disengagement, was built with a huge Star of David.
--Israel Matzav: Israel's New Flag


Another flag item, this time from LGF.

LGF calls attention to Barack Obama's buddy, Bill Ayers, most recent Dancing with the Stars moment.

Here’s a photo of former Weather Underground terrorist (and friend of Barack Obama) William Ayers in 2001 (when Obama was much older than 8), proudly stepping on a United States flag. The full article on Ayers’ deeply held radical ideas is here: No Regrets.
--Little Green Footballs: Obama Employer Desecrates Flag


Thanos notices that May Day marches are like rocking chairs for the Left: still give them something to do, but they're not really going anywhere.

Every May all of the Marxists get out and demonstrate or march. This spring was no exception, and like last year the theme was around Illegal immigration. The Socialists and Communists can’t find many willing supporters of revolution who are home grown US Citizens, so they look to imports for support. I’ve posted the great photo above from Ringo the Gringo because it’s a great combination of looming communism, and the nexus between Black and Latino Liberation Theology.

The marches were all much thinner than announced, and showed much less organization than the ‘06 marches which were obviously well-financed.
--Noblesse Oblige: Rites of Spring Roundup
[with image by Ringo the Gringo]


And lastly, Blanca holds forth on John McCain's famous temper and judgment during the classy moment when a Baptist minister asked him about his wife and various terms of endearment.
For a moment there it looked like John McCain was going to lose his cool, go ballistic, and blow a gasket, live in front of TV cameras and old people gawking on like they were at a seance for Lillian Gish.

Marty Parrish, a business owner and Baptist Minister, asked John McCain point blank if he had ever called his wife a "cunt."

If you watch the grainy video, you can see the monster within McCain begin to stir. And just for a flicker of time, it looked like the Hulk McCain was going to break free and murder and pillage the crowd of octogenarians, thus disqualifying himself for the Commander Guy post.
Blanca DeBree: McCain Death Watch: Days 5 & 6, Weekend Edition

To chronicle the instances of "Liberal and Clueless" would be a job worthy of keeping many thousands of people busy 24/7.

But we do what we can with our limited time and resources.

compiled by Mondoreb

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