Monday, May 5, 2008

Father- Daughter Sex-Slave: Another Man May Have Been Involved

New details have emerged in the story of the Austrian man, Josef Fritzl, who held his own daughter as a sex-slave captive for 24 years, how another man may have been involved plus recollections of Fritzl as a sadistic bastard to his wife of 51 years, Rosemarie, of his treatment of Elisabeth as a small girl, and his behavior as a tyrant and despot to the entire Fritzl family.

While Josef Friztl is adamant that he was the only one who was involved in forcibly locking up his daughter and using her as a captive sex-slave to beat and rape her for a period of 24 years resulting in seven children, a witness has stepped forward and claimed that he met another man who was "allowed" into the forbidden cellar.

Alfred Dubanovsky, one of the Fritzl's tenants, there were eight "flats" or apartments in the Fritzl "home", claims he once met a man who was allowed to go into the cellar. Dubanovsky rented a flat that was directly overhead the hidden prison in the Fritzl basement. He claims Fritzl warned all the tenants that the cellar was wired electronically and that anyone who went into the area would be immediately thrown out of their flat.

Fritzl, who purportedly spent a majority of his "time" in the cellar, ostensibly to work on "technical drawings" of machines he sold to other companies, was known by some members of his extended family to be sadistic to his wife, Rosemarie, and a tyrant to his family of seven children and to three of the seven children borne to him by daughter Elisabeth in the family "dungeon".

The three children, ages 16, 15, and 12, were chosen when they were babies by Fritzl to be allowed to be placed on the family door stoop with a "note" written by Elisabeth, telling her family she was unable to care for the babies. The other children, ages 19, 18, and 5, lived an even meager existence, locked away in the sunless secret prison bunker, the only source of the outside world, a radio and television Fritzl had installed.

Fritzl's sister-in-law, his wife's sister, Christine "R", tells of family get-togethers where Fritzl would take "sadistic" pleasure in demeaning her sister in front of other family members, often making crude and sexual jokes in front of her plus he would also take the opportunity to "tell her off". Christine said she found his behavior offensive especially in lieu of the fact the "everyone" knew the couple hadn't had sex for years. What they didn't know was that Fritzl was "having sex" with Elisabeth, regularly beating and raping her while she was locked away in the secret cellar prison.

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