Thursday, June 5, 2008

Austrian Father Who Kept Daughter as Sex Slave for 24 Yrs: Update

Mauer Hospital, where 19-yr-old Kristen is undergoing treatment

New details have emerged about the father who kept his daughter locked away in a cellar-dungeon for 24 years. Details which reveal a man whose early life was dominated by the ravages of World War II and a propensity for sex crimes and who has now attracted the attention of "lovestruck" female fans.

The story of 73-yr-old Austrian Josef Fritzl, the father who locked his own daughter away in a secret cellar prison for 24 years and bore him 7 children has gripped the world. No one could fathom how a father could be so cruel and inhumane to not only imprison his own daughter beneath the family home but to also continuously rape her for a period of 24 years, to impregnate her with seven children and who also split up the children acting as an insane King Soloman. Three of the seven children were chosen by Fritzl to be deposited upstairs on the front doorstoop as toddlers with "notes" from their mother Elisabeth. The notes asked her mother and father to help raise the babies as she was "unable to". One child, a boy, died shortly after birth. Fritzl is alleged to have acted as midwife in all seven births.

All this came to light when the oldest of the seven children, 19-yr-old Kristen, became desperately ill. Fritzl allowed the girl, who had never seen the light of day, to be brought to the local hospital where she lapsed into a coma. Doctors issued a plea to have the girl's mother come to the hospital as the physicians were baffled by the girl's illness and had also found a note in one of her pockets from Elisabeth, begging the doctors to please help her daughter.

Doctors and the authorities were suspicious of Fritzl and his relationship to the desperately ill girl. For some reason Fritzl allowed Elisabeth to leave the cellar prison to go to the hospital. It was then that the story of Josef Fritzl's 24 year reign of terror began to unfold and Fritzl was arrested. Fritzl remains under arrest at Austria's Sankt Poelten prison.

Kristen has been kept in an artificially induced coma since she was brought to the hospital on April 19. Doctors have decided that her condition has improved enough to allow them to begin the "wake-up" process. The doctors are unable to estimate when Kristen will fully emerge from her artificially drug induced "sleep". Kristen's mother Elisabeth is said to be undergoing psychiatric counseling.

Josef Fritzl's past, of growing up during World War II without a father and as a young man who was a sexual predator in the 1960's have come to light.

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Image - Hospital

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