Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Canada's Pole Dancer Shortage: A Job Canadians Won't Do?

In one of the starkest examples of why immigration is necessary to fill the job slots Canadians won't do, a group representing the owners of 53 stripper clubs in the Ontario area has announced the need to modify visa requirements for foreigners--so as to allow exotic, exotic dancers an easier trip to the Canadian stage.

"Up to 98 per cent of foreign exotic dancers who apply for visas get turned down, said the group's executive director, Tim Lambrinos.
This has led to a reduction in the number of work permits and extensions granted to foreign strippers from 423 in 2004 to just 17 in 2006."


It is not like Ontario is a fun place in midwinter as it is.

Now that is a failure rate that makes it obvious: the Canadians have a fine eye for womanhood. Clearly stripping in Canada is no easy gig to get.

But the Canadians are now desperate.

So, "One way might be to use foreign student visas since foreign students can now work for 20 hours a week in any job, said Labrinos."

But until then, locals will have to settle for less.

by pat

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