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Canadian Police Still Baffled as More Severed Feet Keep Turning Up

The very creepy story of the feet that keep floating up on the shores of Western Canada continues.

DBKP has reported on this story before.
Canadian Police Baffled: The Case of the Grisly Right Feet

At the time of that DBKP story, only feet had been discovered. DBKP reported on the grisly discovery of the third right foot on British Columbia beaches. The mystery of human feet washing up on Canadian shores has only deepened with the discovery of foot numbers four and five. On May 22 of this year someone's day was ruined by the discovery of the fourth such foot. As reported by C News of Canada:

"The latest head-scratcher that's leaving everyone from police to oceanographers baffled are a series of sneaker-clad right feet that have washed up on shorelines along islands in British Columbia."

There have been four in less than a year. All feet were wearing socks and shoes. Two of them were size 12.

"It's certainly a mystery we intend on solving," Constable Annie Linteau with the RCMP E Division told the media recently. "It's certainly very unusual."

The first in the series was found nearly a year ago on Jedidiah Island. Within days, another right foot was found inside a man's Reebok sneaker on Gabriola Island. The third was found on the east side of Valdez Island in early February.

The origin on any of the remains is still unknown.

Linteau said that there's no evidence the feet were severed or removed from the victims' legs by force.

Actually the fact that the feet were not severed was of little comfort to anyone who followed the story. And we certainly agree with Annie L that it is unusual.

Since the feet were wearing shoes, our guess is that decomposition--and animals--allowed for the skeletal separation. The shoes--no doubt casual walking shoes with aerated soles--floated the feet to near the surface.

But, the comfort of the shoes is of little comfort to us here at DBKP.

You see, we want to know why Canadian beaches seem to be littered with more body parts than a Chicago park or an Iraqi market. No one goes to Chicago or Iraq unless they must. Canada is one of our favorite vacation spots, particularly British Columbia.

So this headline sort of caught my attention:

"5th foot found on B.C.'s south coast"

A human foot was discovered partially submerged in the water near Westham Island in Ladner, B.C., Delta police said Monday.

It's the fifth human foot police have found in the province in less than a year.

"As far as it being linked to other partial remains found, we haven't dismissed that. We're considering all possibilities," Const. Sharlene Brooks told CBC News."

Given the aimless vapidity of the law enforcement spokeswomen, (I'm guessing here the men took a powder and decided that women are better at feet stories when shoe #5 thumped down on the coroner's desk), we are guessing the authorities are clueless.

"Right now we're working very closely with the B.C. coroners' service to identity the person whose remains we have recovered," Brooks said.

Four right feet, each wearing a sock and sneaker, have been discovered in the province since August.

A woman's right foot was found on the uninhabited Kirkland Island in the Fraser River in May, just a few kilometres from Westham Island where Delta police found the fifth foot Monday.

Three other men's right feet washed up in the Gulf Islands between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. In August, feet were discovered on Gabriola and Jedediah islands and, in February, another foot was found on Valdez Island.

B.C.'s chief coroner told CBC News Monday night that investigators have been unable to determine who the four right feet belonged to.

Terry Smith said DNA profiles have been completed on the feet but no matches have been made.

"We'll continue to try and identify known profiles that we can compare them to until we have a match," he said.

So Terry, may we assist you in small way?

First, let us share with you Terry, that if someone was missing a foot and needed you to match it, they would have checked in already.

Secondly, Terry, I think the notoriously incurious Canadian press ( Slogan: All The News That Is Politically Correct And Approved. Seal: Canadian Human Rights Commission) owes a few questions to the readers on what passes for news in Canada.

Like: does the DNA conform to a single racial group, age, sex, ethnic orgin, or other identifying feature?

* Do the times of death match, or are they separated?

* Are the shoe brands similar and where is the factory of their manufacture?

* Are the socks manufactured in the same country and what country was that?

* Do the hair samples contain drug traces?

* What is the scope of the missing persons dragnet?

* Any missing craft in the indicated death period?

You see Terry, these people were likely murdered. And this has gone from the bizarre to the not-so-funny. These feet once had brothers and sisters, parents and spouses.

Pick it up.

by pat
* Canadian Police Baffled: The Case of the Grisly Right Feet

* grannybuttons

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