Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trench Reynolds: DBKP This Week in Crime 23

July 6-July 12, 2008

Trench Reynolds
I'm Trench Reynolds.

I blog about crime.

This is the DBKP Week in Crime for July 6th-July 12th, 2008.

I'm going to start out light this week with a story I posted at craigscrimelist. It was about a Florida government employee who was arrested for using craigslist to harass someone. What made it humorous is that I had a field day with his unfortunate name.

My favorite link that I posted at CrimeNe.ws was about an experimental crowd control device that has the tin foil hat crowd up in arms.

Business picked up at News of Doom and that's never a good thing. The most horrific story of the week was about an Oklahoma family who committed one of the worst cases of child abuse I've ever had the displeasure of posting about.

At MyCrimeSpace the conversation continued about the disappearance of Brooke Bennett especially with the revelation that the state of Vermont released her alleged abductor early.

At Psycho for Love I posted about an arrogant punk who gunned downed his girlfriend in front of witnesses and on surveillance tape but denied it.

At TheTrenchcoat Chronicles I posted about the revelations that came out this week about NIU gunman Stephen Kazmierczak.

And lastly the Bad Breeder of the week and possibly the year was an Ohio woman who did unspeakable things to her children.

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That's it for this week. I'm Trench Reynolds for DBKP.

Here's hoping I don't blog about you.

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