Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dems Use Upside Down Flag and More Obama Gaffes

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Nancy Morgan
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Official Dem Convention Pass
Features Upside Down Flag

Dem Convention Pass with upside-down American flag

In their first act before they take it on the road, Obama introduced Biden as the next president and Biden referred to Obama as Obama America. The McCain campaign didn't let any grass grow under their feet, releasing this commercial hours after the announcement. It's Biden, in his own words. Unbelievable!

All eyes are now on the Democrat Convention. SUVs and limos are beating a track to what is being billed as the greenest convention ever. The official pass for the convention, for some reason, features an upside down American flag. A portend of things to come?


In a strange reversal, Obama's (former?) pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright announced that he only recently became aware of how 'extreme' Obama's views are. Huh?

Maybe that's because Obama's views on infanticide are finally becoming known. The Obama campaign charged the National Right To Life Committee with 'lying' about his record on infanticide. They were left with foot in mouth after audio surfaced of Obama arguing against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act in 2002. Hey, maybe Obama just misspoke.Ya think?

Obama's Kenyan half-brother
Obama's long lost brother was tracked down. He was found living in a shack in Kenya on $1 dollar a month. There must be two Kenyas. Memo to DNC: How about 'He's Not Heavy, He's My Brother' as your theme song?
The University of Illinois came under fire for withholding documents that show Obama's involvement with a foundation headed by radical Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers. The university finally relented. Not that you'll hear it from the old media.
Its official. The media is in the tank for Obama. Surprise. A study released by the Media Research Center shows that the media gave Obama the margin of victory in the primaries. Obama was featured, for the seventh time, on the cover of Time Magazine. McCain has been featured twice. Hmm...

FactCheck.org has stated that all the rumors about Obama's supposedly fake birth certificate are not true. They claim Obama is indeed a genuine US citizen.

The 110th Congress, whose term ends in January, hasn't passed any spending bills or attacked high gas prices. But it has used its powers to celebrate watermelons and to decree the origins of the word "baseball."
New York Mayor Bloomberg, in an effort to out-green the greens, proposed putting windmills on the top of city bridges and skyscrapers. He abandoned the proposal after the media ridiculed it.
The Dem's solution to our immigration problem - the pilot program aimed at getting immigrants to self-deport - has also been abandoned. Riches await the first to realize our government would make a great, but unbelievable, reality show.
An analysis of earmarks finds House lawmakers have approved $290 million more in earmarks this year, along with about 200 more projects compared to last year. Oink.

College presidents from 100 of the best known universities are calling on lawmakers to consider lowering the drinking age. Harvard University is back on top of the U.S. News Report's college ranking list. And, lest we forget, the supposed 'victim' of those nasty Duke lacrosse players, you know, the one that lied about her rape, is releasing a tell-all memoir entitled 'The Last Dance For Grace: The Crystal Magnum Story.' The good news is, maybe the real victims in this case will be able to garnish earnings from this pathetic tramp's book.

Speaking of pathetic, Wrangler has a new ad campaign featuring dead bodies. This is no joke.

The battle continues between a homosexual activist and her former lesbian partner over who will control the now heterosexual, Christian woman's biological daughter. A 61 year-old woman has given birth to her own grandchild.
The Census bureau reports that most American women in their early 40s are childless and those who are having children are having fewer than ever before. If it weren't for Hispanic births, the US could be confronting long-term population declines.

Hallmark, the world's largest greeting card company is rolling out same-sex wedding cards and Coca Cola plans to celebrate Ramadan this year by decorating cans with a cresent moon and star - a widely recognized Islamic symbol.

Speaking of Islam, the Doctors' Union of Egypt has decided to prohibit the transplant of organs between Christians and Muslims.


According to a new study, the number of times a person blinks will show if they are speaking the truth. Is that a splinter in Obama's eye?

A Southern California woman has designed a line of swimsuits for Muslim women who adhere to a modest dress code. Eye catching, eh?

An answer to the burning question, "Will lesbians eat their own?" Lindsay Lohan has been labelled a fraud by lesbian activists: "Celebrities like Linsday Lohan are merely 'Gay For Play' and are attempting to cash in on the faddish appeal of lesbianism without any commitment to our cause."


RightBias issues an apology to last weeks' idiot of the week - the Olympic wrestler who tossed his bronze medal away, calling the decision political. Turns out he's not the poor sport we thought he was. Actually, it turns out he was right, according to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

This week's idiot award goes to a 25 year-old man in Bangladesh who waded into a pond to receive a blessing from a crocodile. He was eaten instead.

Till next Monday, keep smiling,

Nancy Morgan

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for RightBias.com
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