Sunday, August 17, 2008

Obama Campaign Reaction: Corsi Book No Smear

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Obama: Smoke and Smears

Is this any way to run for President of The United States of America?

The Obama campaign has been employing an unusual strategy for the last two months or so. Whenever Obam is criticized by anyone, the campaign regurgitates a press release asking McCain to keep to issues, to please not go back on his word to run an honest, positive campaign, and oh, by the way, please destroy, disavow and discredit the person or entity who dared criticize the Messiah.

This laughable strategy works because it has the full and complicit backing of the Mainstream Media and--on 2 or 3 occasions--McCain, who panicked instead if standing up like a man and ridiculing the practice. The ultimate example of this may have occurred in the last few days.

Recently, an author by the name of Jerome Corsi released a book that shot to the top of the Best Seller list. The book, The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, is highly critical of Obama. So naturally, instead of the candidate dealing with the contents, the DNC Rapid Response Team (yep, we are not kidding, )fired off a press realease. As reported by Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs,
(The Corsi Letter), the email stated,

From: DNC Rapid Response Team
Subject: Fight Swift Boating

Friend —

Yesterday, you learned about the right-wing’s latest attack: extremist Jerome Corsi and his book of the same old smears and lies.

This morning, when asked about the book, all John McCain could say about Corsi’s outrageously false attacks was, “Gotta keep your sense of humor.” Despite pledging to run a respectful campaign, McCain is just standing by while Corsi and his publisher, former Dick Cheney aide Mary Matalin, poison this presidential race.

Now we here at DBKP were a bit taken aback, by that statement. It reeks of innuendo and prevarication; it is unclear who asked the question or why. The implication is that a reporter asked it, and indeed, the Wall Street Journal later reported that to be the case. If so the reporter is a dolt who should be fired for incompetence or for planting a question.

Because Corsi is not a Republican.

And even if McCain were the head of the GOP--which he is not--exactly what could he do?

Jerome Corsi is a member of the Constitution Party. In fact, Corsi intensely dislikes Bush and Cheney and has said so on numerous occasions and in no uncertain terms--as any political reporter should know. Corsi even competed for the nomination of President of the Constitution Party. But this Obama lie is all over the media.

As for McCain and Corsi, Corsi accused John McCain for being an Islamic frontman for Hezbohhah because of his support of Kosovo independence.No love lost there. The head of The Constitution is a fellow named Chuck Baldwin (

Maybe Obama can take it up with him.

As for McCain's reaction, it is entirely appropriate: the "cry-baby-make-it-stop" campaign style of Obama has become obnoxious. Not only should McCain laugh at this incredible gaffe and attempted smear, so should the whole country.

As for Obama, why don't you put away the teleprompter, stop hiding behind the curtain, and answer Mr Corsi's questions. Better still, challenge him to a debate.

Then we can all laugh.

by pat
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