Friday, August 29, 2008

Russia, Georgia: Dems, Voters Reminded World is Dangerous

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There Is A Bear In The Woods
Russia Bombs Civilians in Georgia
Americans Reminded World is a Dangerous Place

Red Planet Cartoons reminds readers: There's a Bear in the Woods and the world is a dangerous place

From McClatchy: Civilians Were Only Targets Left As Russia Kept Bombing:

Miles away, at one of Tbilisi’s main hospitals, doctors struggled to care for the wounded, who arrived in waves throughout the day. Many were elderly. None was a soldier.

“Just now, we admitted eight patients,” said Tamara Saria, a doctor. “The age of all of them was no less than 80.”

“Do you see any military people here?” asked Nikoloz Kvachatze, another doctor. “These are all civilians.”

He was walking past an 80-year-old woman who had shrapnel wounds across the right side of her face. The woman, frail with thin white hair, was gasping and wheezing into an oxygen mask

“They are punishing us,” Kvachatze said of the Russians. “They are punishing us for trying to be independent.”

RPC also has a collection of background and informational links listed in the post.

In the rush of a busy day, voters sometimes forget how dangerous the world can be.

Barack Obama sometimes forgets it, too.

Russia's invasion of Georgia reminded everyone just how dangerous it is.

by Mondoreb
image: Red Planet Cartoons

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