Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bill O'Rielley Channels the Spirit of Karl Marx on Economics

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O'Reilly's Economic Spin Zone
"Populist Pinhead"

Bill O'Reilly has a Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism and another in Public Administration, but apparently, he got thrown out of Economics--because he's functionally illiterate in the subject.

Anyone who's watched The O'Reilly Factor knows that if the host were paid a nickel every time he spouted an economic inanity, he'd be a multimillionaire.

And that's no spin.

His favorite topic economically is greed. Greed explains everything economic for O'Reilly. Gasoline prices go up? Greed. Gasoline prices go down? Greed again. Banks pushed into making loans to people who might have had a hard time paying them? Greed.

His failings on economic matters are an embarrassment--except to William Jennings Bryan aficionados.

There's no spinning that Bill O’Reilly is a populist pinhead. That's how Conservative Punk sees him--and that may be giving O'Reilly the benefit of the doubt.

Those on the right and left who are feigning righteous indignation at the “evil corporations” or “heartless Wall Street” are taking the otherwise complex issue of the financial meltdown, and simplifying it in order to appeal to their audience…or so they think. In fact what they’re doing is treating their viewers and listeners like simpletons and idiots. American's are grown ups, they can take a little bit of truth now and again.

On today’s Radio Factor, Bill O went on a tirade against other talk show hosts who don’t share his one sided and simplistic assessment of our current financial crisis is dishonest. Check out the audio at Johnny Dollar’s Place. During his nearly three minute long screed, O’Reilly goes on to blame rich, cigar chomping, private jet flying talk radio hosts of misleading and lying to their audiences about the bailout and the financial meltdown. Ironically, it’s rich, cigar chomping, private jet flying talk show host Bill O who’s misleading and lying to you.

Mark Levin says, "He (O'Reilly) has a fledging radio show that has no ratings and he'll be off radio soon because he's a failure."

O'Reilly's tactic is to bring someone knowledgeable about the mysteries of how the market works on his show and then attack them if the guest doesn't buy into the host's towering ignorance.

The market has determined that O'Reilly's lack of economic knowledge is worth almost a million dollars a year. That's what some sources estimate is O'Reilly's compensation.

Sounds way off-base to us, but we'll not attack the market for determining his worth: that's what markets are supposed to do. We don't think that Bill O'Reilly takes the money because he's greedy.

Guess that would disqualify us from ever hosting the No-Spin Zone.

by Mondo
images: dbkp; ideagrove

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