Monday, September 22, 2008

Garbage in the UK: Politicians Torture Brits Over Garbage

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Britain In The Bin
Garbage Nannies Take Over

The Nannies of Britain are never short of ideas to torture the public.

No matter how small the stature of office, politicians and their minions in the United Kingdom share a uniform desire to prove that each of them is the most trite, meddling imbecile in the land. Apparently the prestige of this distinction outweighs all else, because British politicians and public servants--if they be such--seem to conduct themselves with absolutely no discernment whatsoever.

Discernment being a trait only made worse by their bovine determination.

Cases in point.

'Thieves' stealing wheelie bins from backgardens turn out to be COUNCIL snoops searching for illegal dustbins

"When wheelie bins began to go missing from outside their homes, residents wondered whether they should call the police.

But when the thieves were unmasked, their identities proved to be something a shock.

The two men responsible were council officers assigned to secretly snoop in back gardens.

They were employed to find out which residents were using extra 'unauthorised' wheelie bins to dispose of their rubbish – and took those bins away if they considered them to be unlawful....The warden, working for Blackburn with Darwen Council in Lancashire, even used ladders to peer over garden walls on to lawns and back yards while the occupants were out. If they saw any homes with two bins for non-recyclable waste they took one away without informing the resident."

In that instant the garbage police were caught with the goods by an alert homeowner. But the story goes on to point out:

"The move is the latest draconian rubbish collection measure.

Earlier this year the Daily Mail revealed that Tory-run Plymouth Council wants families to name somebody to be in charge of their rubbish.That individual would then face £100 fines and a criminal record if rubbish goes in the wrong wheelie bins, or the bins are put out too soon or in the wrong place."


If so inclined to be garbage warden for your household, read on.

Father of four taken to court and fined ... because he overfilled his wheelie-bin by just four inches

With his rubbish collected only once a fortnight, Gareth Corkhill's wheelie bin was so full the lid wouldn't shut.

And for that, the father of four finds himself with a criminal record.

Magistrates convicted the 26-year-old bus driver after hearing evidence that the lid was four inches ajar, which is against rules to stop bins overflowing.

Four inches too far: Gareth Corkhill with wife Claire and son Josh

"He was ordered to pay £210 - a week's wages - after he declined to pay an on-the-spot fine imposed by the local council's bin police, who visited him wearing stab-proof vests and carrying photographic evidence of his crime."


$100 per inch. And the Council thoughtfully collects only once every 20 days. Seems fair...... to the lunatics that run the asylum once known as Great Britain.

But rampant garbage crime is a unisex offense.

Mother fined £400 for leaving wheelie bin in wrong place

A young mother has been ordered to pay nearly £400 for leaving her wheelie bin in the wrong place.Holly Dutton, 26, failed to pay a £100 fixed penalty notice issued when she left the bin in an alley behind her house in Horwich, near Bolton.

Magistrates have increased the fine to £130 and added £215 in costs, plus a £15 surcharge towards a fund for victims of crime."

Not much sympathy from the man in the silly wig, there.

BTW, the fine for shoplifting in Britain is 80 Pounds.

But Big Brother does not stop at merely a searching a homeowner's backyard or tape measuring the gap of a bin cover ( instead of merely closing the same). No, these
dimwitted demagogues have gone high tech to entrap rubbish scofflaws.

Residents revolt against wheelie-bin spies

A huge revolt against wheelie-bin spy bugs is sweeping Britain, with thousands of defiant households removing the electronic devices and either dumping them or posting them back to their local town hall.The protesters are ignoring threats of prosecution for criminal damage in their anger at having their rubbish secretly monitored by council chiefs.

One of the biggest shows of defiance has been in Bournemouth, where councillors estimate that 25,000 bugs - one-third of the total - have been unscrewed.

Astonishingly, Bournemouth Council is considering replacing all the 'vandalised' bins at a cost of up to £600,000.The bugs, whose existence was revealed by The Mail on Sunday two weeks ago, are about the size of a 1p piece.

They contain a microchip that enables councils to record the weight of rubbish collected - and to impose fines if the Government brings in laws to punish people who don't recycle enough."

ABOVE: British Pitchforks carefully locked away from the hand of peasants.

The politicians of this nation of beaten sheep were not intimidated.

"But Kennet Council leader Chris Humphries said: "These bins belong to the council. They don't belong to the people who hold them. They are interfering with a bin that belongs to somebody else."

A council spokesman added: "Residents are not authorised to remove these numeric chips. The question as to whether the chips' removal constitutes criminal damage is a detailed legal issue."

One is left in wonderment of the sheer hopelessness of the situation. The citizens of this shipwreck of a country actually vote for these imbeciles.

Why? Because they have been led to believe that only the State can make decisions. Individual responsibility, the thought that welfare may not be available has become a fear greater than life itself.

Now dustmen won't take your rubbish away if wheelie bin is too heavy to pull with two fingers

"Binmen have put two fingers up to common sense by issuing an astonishing warning to council-tax payers.'If we can't pull your wheelie bin using just two fingers it is too heavy - and won't be emptied.'Bins that need three or more fingers, they claim, constitute a health and safety risk as they could fall from the lorry while being emptied."

The edict from binmen is the latest salvo in a continuing battle between householders and bureaucracy.It comes only days after the Daily Mail reported how widowed pensioner June Kay, 79, had been told to drag a 360-litre wheelie bin more than half a mile down a steep hill if she wanted it emptied.The two-finger policy was discovered by Katie Shergold in the historic market town of Warminster, Wiltshire.

ABOVE: Shergold couldn't believe it when she heard the barmy rule.

She watched in disbelief as binmen stuck a 'too heavy to move' sticker on her bin of grass cuttings, just 6ft from their lorry. Yet 5ft 4in Mrs Shergold, 26, had wheeled the bin round to the front of her house without any difficulty."

When a country is in the throes of cultural collapse, apparently small things give comfort. Like bedeviling your fellow citizens and celebrating insignificant bureaucratic accomplishment

Google has over 150,000 articles on Britain's efforts to stem the flow of garbage. The Daily Mail has over a hundred stories of the abuse perpetrated in this war. No doubt these fools have convinced themselves they are saving the planet from Global Warming or similar nonsense. The planet would be far better if the Brits shit-canned these politicians instead.

Kill the rot before it spreads.

by pat
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