Saturday, September 6, 2008

John Edwards Affair: Andrew Young, Deadbeat Dad

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John Edwards' News:
John Edwards - Rielle Hunter
Fred Baron - Andrew Young - Frances Quinn Hunter

Andrew Young, Deadbeat Dad?

Where is Gloria Allred?

Where are all the child advocates?

Who speaks for 26-week-old Frances Quinn Hunter?

The National Enquirer has reported that Andrew Young--the loyal campaign foot soldier who took a bullet for the team and claimed he was the father of Rielle Hunter's daughter, Frances--"has never given her [Hunter and daughter] a dime.

"Andrew Young hasn't paid a red cent to Rielle or her baby Frances because he's never had a relationship with Rielle and he's not the father," revealed a close source.

"He hasn't even spoken to Rielle in almost two months since she lived with him and his wife Cheri and their three kids in Santa Barbara, Calif., as part of the cover-up.

If that is all true--and the Enquirer has batted 1.000 in the story thus far--that would make Andrew Young a deadbeat dad.

[Background information: access over 100 DBKP stories on the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter affair, scandal and cover-up: John Edwards Love Child Scandal Library.]

It's been reported that Andrew Young, Cheri Young and their children have tired of Southern California and made their way back to North Carolina. For a time, reports were that they moved back into the Governor's Club house of ex-NBA player, Eric Montross.

Andrew Young is awaiting the finishing of construction on a new home--which will be valued at well over $1 million--which is said to be the payoff for his claiming paternity for Hunter's baby.

Actually, that is going too far: Young has never claimed to be the father of Frances Quinn Hunter. There was no name on the birth certificate. Young has never, according to the Enquirer, "paid a dime" in child support.

In fact, the only time that Andrew Young claimed to be the father was back in December.


Through a Fred Baron-arranged attorney.

In response to the National Enquirer's December edition of the scandal.

Young's attorney provided a statement at that time--no other statements have been provided--and no other announcements were forthcoming or needed. But the lone statement accomplished its intention: it quelled any curiosity in the MSM over the strange events of Edwards, Hunter, Young and the campaign's handling of the the escapade.

It allowed CBS News' Bob Shieffer to roll over and go back to sleep.

There's no report of Andrew Young ever being asked about his relationship with Hunter by any MSM reporter. The Enquirer reports that "now Andrew Young has simply clammed up".

Our observation: not much clamming up was needed.

The MSM? They're too busy looking into McCain VP pick, Sarah Palin, and the "bloody, dead caribou the mom just shot."

Which leads to this story of Andrew Young, the tight-lipped deadbeat dad--and the equally-tight-lipped child advocates of the left.

The Enquirer's source continued, "The Youngs no longer have contact with Rielle. Now if Andrew was indeed the father, don't you think Rielle would be asking for child support?

"But Andrew never has supported Rielle financially."

Who has been supporting Rielle Hunter and daughter, Frances Q.?


Fred Baron hasn't been making many statements, other than the occasional lawyerly deflection to the Dallas Morning News. Oh, and his dodging an ABC News team that was shadowing him at the Democrat National Convention.

For their investigative trouble, ABC producer, Asa Eslocker, got bum-rushed by the cops, pushed into traffic and choked, before being arrested.

However, that was only a blip to the brave members of the MSM Fourth Estate.

Former Texas Attorney General Jim Mattox seems to sum up the Fred Baron attitude toward any unwanted publicity over Baron's payments to Rielle Hunter.

"You know they indicted me, but we survived it," said Mr. Mattox, who was acquitted of a felony bribery charge in 1985."

Mr. Baron, who attended the brunch with his wife, Lisa Blue, didn't appear to see the connection. "Hey, I've done nothing wrong," he said.

Mr. Baron is absolutely confirmed in his above opinion by the intrepid reporters of the MSM--ABC excepted.


John Edwards first sought last week to "fill out" his speaking schedule. He ran from that pronouncement almost as as quickly as he did when pursued by National Enquirer reporters in the Beverly Hilton.

Perhaps, with a little help from his friends at the DNC and the Obama-Biden campaign.

Only last week, a spokesman said that John Edwards was looking to fill out speaking schedule. So, he followed in the footsteps of his wife and canceled his speaking appearance at Hofstra University. Strange way to expand your appearances.

“Nothing is more important than electing Barack Obama and Joe Biden,” Edwards said in a statement released Thursday by the Harry Walker Agency in Manhattan. “I don’t want my appearance at these events to be a distraction from the important issues of the election, or from the important purpose of these meetings.”

Which prompted Simon at Deceiver to raise the question: Is Edwards admitting that he's a political liability?

Hey, wait a sec… I thought Edwards was a private citizen? I thought this scandal had absolutely nothing to do with Obama? But there it is in black and white gray and slightly lighter gray: Edwards just went out of his way to link himself to Obama. Otherwise, why would appearing in public be a distraction from Obama’s campaign?

All good questions.

All good questions that won't be appearing on CNN or in the New York Times.

If those two stellar members of Big Media had handled the Edwards and Palin stories in the same manner, Palin would have had to bought time and space to get her name mentioned.


The two-week convention season was heaven-sent for both John Edwards and the Mainstream Media: Edwards didn't see the odd newspaper story with his name in it; and, the Mainstream Media had a toy: John McCain VP pick, Gov. Sarah Palin, of Alaska.

Edwards and Rielle Hunter's personal lives were not news when he was running for president.

The elaborate and bizarre cover-up that Edwards undertook was not news, either.

First, loyal Edwards' operative, Andrew Young--who initially claimed he was the father Hunter's baby--moved a pregnant Hunter a few blocks away from his wife and their small children in Chapel Hill, NC. When the Enquirer tracked Hunter down to NC, Edwards' money-man, Fred Baron, got involved.

Baron flew Hunter, Young and Young's wife and children to Santa Barbara, where, in a sort of modern-day Beverly Hillbillies twist, they all lived in the same multi-million dollar house as one happy family.

That not news to the MSM.

July 21, John Edwards got caught by the National Enquirer's reporters leaving Rielle Hunter's hotel room in the Beverly Hilton at 2:40 in the morning. When confronted, Edwards ran into a men's room, barricaded the door and had to be rescued by hotel security guards.

Again, to the MSM, this was not news, even though Edwards had been identified as being on the Obama VP shortlist that same week by Time. The fact that the possible Dem VP was hiding in a hotel mens room didn't enter into the "vetting process" of Time's Joe Klein.

The teen-aged father of Bristol Palin's baby caught the keen journalistic eye of Klein and his comrades; the father of Rielle Hunter's baby, didn't.

Nothing interested Big Media: until ABC got involved and confronted Edwards on August 8. Edwards then gave his blessing to the MSM to inform their readers/viewers about the unpleasant situation.

Here's a tip for the Mainstream Media: tell your remaining news customers that you're trying to make up for your lack of investigation in the John Edwards' scandal by doubling your investigative efforts on Sarah Palin's 16-year-old pregnant daughter.

It's not believable.

But, it doesn't have to be believable to be a hit at the next cocktail party that Joe Klein attends.

by Mondoreb
images: National Enquirer; jack boulware

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