Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin: Top Ten Signs Palin May be an Orthodox Jew

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Palin an Undercover OJ?

Shmuel, our point man at Vanity Kippahs notices things. Some of the things he notices, we notice.

Shmuel noticed "Anyways, I am starting to think that Sarah Palin has all the symptoms of being an Orthodox Jewess".

We'll let him make his case and the readers can decide for themselves.

10- Her husband Tom is part of a Union. And union rhymes with Minyan.

9- She fired the chef in the governors mansion. No Orthodox Jewish woman wants another cook messing in her kitchen…

8- Palin gets French style pedicures. Need I say more?

7- The stylish pile-on hair style, seems like something straight fromYaffa Wigs

6- The name of her youngest child is Trig; the second most popular male name for babies born in Hasidic communities; wedged between Mendy and Yolie.

5- She bears an uncanny resemblance to Yentel; taking on the establishment and being unafraid of the males in charge.

4- The name of her future son-in-law is Levi.

And the Top Three Reasons Sarah Palin may be an Orthodox Jew?

Well, for those you'll have to click on 10 Signs Sarah Palin could be an Orthodox Jew at his blog at Vanity Kippahs.

He may have a point. Is Shmuel onto something here?

What do you think?

by Mondoreb
image: Vanity Kippahs

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