Sunday, September 14, 2008

Obama Campaign: From 'Juggernaut' to 'Meltdown' in 4 Months

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Headed for the Exits
Obama in May: "JUGGERNAUT"
Obama in September: "MELTDOWN"

“We’re witnessing nothing less than a full-on meltdown..”
–Rush Limbaugh

Barack Obama's campaign--described as a 'juggernaut' less than four months ago, is now facing renewed questions, scrutiny and fund-raising challenges--and one commentator calls it a "meltdown".

Barack Obama knows it. The election he had in the bag is slipping away…

Democrats know something, and desperation is setting in. They have a novice campaigner who wanders off message. With every advantage in the primaries, Obama couldn’t win the big states — New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania — against Hillary Clinton, even when he got to define the rules for running against him. She could never risk alienating the base she’ll need in 2012; John McCain and Sarah Palin have no such constraints — hence the panic.

Panic Sets In For Obama, Democrats, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Less than four months ago, Joe Trippi, the string-puller for Howard Dean and John Edwards, said, "“Obama has been battered, beaten, screamed at, yelled at, kicked and - nothing, totally unflappable, his staff’s unflappable, no schisms. McCain has imploded twice. So you have to have more confidence in Obama’s ability to put a team together and keep it together.”

Joe Trippi, a Democratic consultant who pioneered some of the successful grassroots and internet techniques when he ran Howard Dean’s campaign in 2004, said that John McCain is already in “deep, deep trouble” because of a poor organisation and an anaemic fundraising total of about a fifth of the $500 million raised by Mr Obama and Mrs Clinton.

“Obama’s got the strongest organisation in history because of what he’s done with the internet and plugging volunteers into the paid organisers operation. McCain’s team is in a shambles. He has no organisation and no grassroots fundraising operation.”

If the election were only held among Democrat strategists and Mainstream Media pundits, they could have turned out the lights in May. However, there's the little matter of an election that involves millions upon millions of voters whom turn off politics until the last eight weeks before the election.

Actually, some people turn off politics and talking heads until the day before the election. Whatever the case, the spirits don't seem to be as high in the Obama organization these days.

Red Planet Cartoons has a generous helping of links to back up the cartoon at the top of the page. Among them are:

FoxNews: McCain Gains 16 Points Among Independent Voters.

HotAir: Obama’s Fundraising Drying Up.

ABC11: McCain leads by 20 in North Carolina.

Rasmussen: Obama’s Lead Down to 2… in Washington.

For the complete listing of the polls that have tightened up or changed in the last week, check out "Heading for the Exits" at RPC.

Why the sudden and swift reassessments?

Readers will make their own judgments.

Obama may or may not be in a 'meltdown', but he's certainly not a 'juggernaut' anymore.

by Mondoreb
image: Red Planet Cartoons

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