Monday, September 29, 2008

Sudden Muslim Grievance Syndrome Strikes Again in UK

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U.K.: Working While Muslim
Sudden Muslim Grievance Syndrome Strikes Again

DBKP has reported before on sudden Muslim Grievance Syndrome(, the mental state that grips Muslims when after a short spell at real work they decide to turn on their employer and possibly win a free ride off the infidel for life. A new case has broken out, using that old Islamic chestnut, the alcohol gambit.

Muslim sues Tesco over alcohol

A Muslim said he is suing Tesco for religious discrimination because he was asked to handle crates of alcohol in a warehouse.

Mohammed Ahmed, 32, was employed at the supermarket giant's Lichfield depot in September last year for a job that included transporting various goods on fork-lift trucks.

The Saudi Arabia national told a tribunal he had not been told when he started the job that he would be handling alcoholic drinks - a task he said was against his Islamic beliefs.

The situation came to a head in the run-up to Christmas last year, when more alcohol was ferried to the warehouse in preparation for the festive season.

Mr Ahmed, who moved to Derby in 2006, complained to Tesco in February, but claims he was treated unfairly as a result. After eight months working for the company, he left in protest.

The decision on his legal action, after a three-day employment tribunal held in Birmingham, is expected next week.

So this idiot failed to notice that Tesco sold alcohol? Was it not rather obvious? And if was so damn important, might he not of asked at the interview?

But that is not the way Muslims in the U.K. go about it. The idea is to humiliate the infidels and make business so uncomfortable for the employer that Muslims are essentially calling the shots. It is the Jesse Jackson extortion racket, all about money and control.

As for Tescos response, it seems far more credible.
"Tesco claimed Mr Ahmed was made aware at his induction that he would be handling alcohol, and that every effort was made to find him an alternative role in the warehouse. But the claimant, of Upper Dale Road, Normanton, claims he was victimised by managers because of his stance."


"A Tesco spokesman said: "Cases like this are very rare as managers are trained to be culturally sensitive and have an 'open door policy' to staff for issues like this as everyone is welcome to work at Tesco"

Actually, Mr Tesco, your firm has a large file on employees who suddenly went Muslim on you. And that is part of the problem: every time you give in, you lower yourself in the eyes of Muslims.

Britain is almost paradise for Muslims. In spite of being a mere 4% of the population, 40% of Muslims are on welfare, with apparently, no inclination or desire to get off. Muslims account for almost 50% of all welfare cases in Britain. Current welfare laws allow them to not only engage in polygamy, but to add the wives to the dole and perhaps get a larger public apartment, a privilege reserved to Muslims.

Unlike other philosophies and religions, Islam is almost unique in its lethargy and the unwillingness of its adherents to culuralize0--or to hold a job for that matter.

Except when it comes to getting on the gravy train in the first place.

Then a bit of unoriginal, but intense demonstration of anger is called for: The Sudden Muslim Grievance Syndrome.

[ABOVE: Baghdad Liquor Store]

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