Monday, September 22, 2008

Dump Biden Rumors Continue

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Calls to Dump Biden Continue
Rumors continue on Right

Bring out your dead.

We didn't start the fire, we're only reporting that it's burning.

Dump Joe Biden rumors and the October Surprise:

* Huffington Post acts: Why Replacing Biden With Hillary Makes Perfect Sense for Obama

* Newsbusters reacts: Desperate HuffPo Blogger: 'Time to Dump Biden,' Replace with Hillary

* Lefties continue to plead for Obama to "Dump Biden" and if you report on it, well...

Panhandle Truth Squad advises us to "um, yeah, you keep working on that investigative journalism".

This is just bad reasoning. The Obama campaign has been plagued by short supply and backorders of signage all year. It took us a couple of months to get a box of merchandise.

I'm guessing the low supply is why my sign was stolen out of my yard.

We may be guilty of speculating, rumor-mongering, reporting on shortages of campaign materials or that Barack Obama-only merchandise sells better than Obama-Biden merchandise.

But, bad reasoning?

As we reported, the only short supply of signage plaguing the Obama campaign--that we saw--was Obama-Biden signage. Also as reported, there were literally hundreds of Obama-only signs, buttons, stickers, t-shirts, hats and other Obamabilia available in the campaign offices we visited.

PTS may disagree with what we have to say, but our reasoning is impeccable.

Our taste, however, is quite another matter.

* Radar picks up our BNN story on The Barack Obama-Joe Biden Rumor.

Why is it when someone reports on something (the lack of Obama-Biden merchandise available) that's unpleasant to the Left, they're an idiot; or, "unsophisticated"--if the writer has more than a few seconds to think things through?

We're just asking.

From out of the UK, First Post has also heard all of the scuttlebutt, and quotes a variety of sources, both left and right, including our article at BNN.

* Obama to bid Biden bye-bye?

Citizen news network BloggerNewsNet has also heard the rumours. A writer from the website visited three Obama campaign offices and discovered that there was "almost no Obama-Biden merchandise available". A visit to the Barack Obama official merchandise website meanwhile reveals that "there are over 100 T-shirts for sale on the site - only one of them mentions ‘Obama-Biden’."

As we've said, it's no big deal: we'll all know in a couple of weeks.

At that time, we will either be guilty of reporting a back-order problem--or a cynical political move.

by Mondo
image: dbkp

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