Friday, October 31, 2008

Joe the Plumber Ohio Records: Illegal Searches Violate Laws

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Obama's Minions Computer Search On Joe The Plumber
Much More Extensive Than Initially Reported

It is now being discovered that the Ohio government checks into the records of Joe the Plumber were quite extensive. There are now four separate focal points of the investigation; among them, a low-level law enforcement computer operator--now relieved of duty--and the director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Helen Jones-Kelley.

This latter usage is far more troubling.

Not only because the job is a political appointment and the hold very likely knew better, but also because of a little-known quirk in the laws of search and seizure.

AT LEFT: Jones-Kelley and Governor Strickland

As reported in The Columbia Dispatch:

The checks were run after the news media reported that Wurzelbacher was considering buying a plumbing business with more than $250,000 in annual income, Jones-Kelley wrote.

"Given our understanding that Mr. Wurzelbacher had publicly indicated that he had the means to purchase a substantial business enterprise, ODJFS, consistent with past departmental practice, checked confidential databases ,...

"Not surprisingly, when a person behind in child support payments or receiving public assistance is receiving significant media attention which suggests that the person appears to have available financial resources, the Department risks justifiable criticism if it fails to take note and respond," Jones-Kelley wrote."

That, of course, is absolute nonsense.

How would anyone know if such a person owed child support? And an inquiry into the so-called past practices would reveal that no such 'practice' existed. The Federal and State guidelines for Child Support investigative sweeps require that there be a specific target first.

In other words, the agency must first know that Joe owes or owed child support.

It is unheard-of that such a sweep would occur at the cabinet level; normally the results of such investigations are not shared with individuals outside of the Child Support Directors office--pending legal action.

In fact this says much about the banana republic that Ohio is transforming itself into. In most States this would be a scandal of momentous occasion.

What is so special about the use of Child Suppport investigative techniques?

They are unique. Without any warrant, and unlike any other government entity, including the taxing authorities, Child Support has the ability to access all government computers: taxes, even Federal by arrangement, law enforcement, prison, labor, traffic, voter registration--you name it.

All government data bases are available to Child Support. In fact, Child Support can physically examine tax returns and applications of various sorts. So the rules of usage are very strict and the penalties normally severe.

But apparently not in Ohio.

The information was made public. We know Joe owed some property taxes. We know he does not owe child support. We also know that Ms Jones-Kelley searched his tax and criminal records.

This was relevant to child support, how?

ABOVE: A trail of slime

"Jones-Kelly also has denied any connections between the computer checks on Wurzelbacher and her support for Obama. She donated the maximum $2,500 this year to the Obama campaign."

That is how.

This woman should be behind bars.

by pat

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source: Dispatch

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