Wednesday, October 22, 2008

John Edwards Scandal: Edwards, Hunter, Young, Baron and Karma

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John Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, Andrew Young, Rielle Hunter, Fred Baron

The saying goes that good karma is like a boomerang; the more good karma one spreads, the more you get back in return. However, to those associated/affiliated with John Edwards and Rielle Hunter, the opposite seems to be in play.

Take, for example, Elizabeth Edwards, the wounded spouse in this tawdry affair. Denied a run for the White House by primary voters, the Democratic Convention was supposed to be the Edwards’ centerpiece for health care reform.

Instead, due to the fallout from John Edward’s tawdry escapades, a prime-time speech slot was hastily rescinded. Worse, while Elizabeth Edwards received an initial burst of goodwill and enthusiasm from disappointed Democrats, that goodwill disappeared in the night like will o’ wisp through inopportune interviews where it was revealed that Elizabeth had been complicit in her husband’s perfidy.

As for John Edwards, he’s certainly kept a low profile these past months, at one point even being banished from the family home, and he canceled a slew of lucrative speaking engagements. Rumors persist that after the election, Edwards intends to mount a “comeback.” How he intends to do this remains unclear at this time; a round of Oprah, Leno and Letterman, perhaps?

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Rielle Hunter seems to have drifted off the reservation, the frenzy around her seemingly abated. Tabloid press and gossip sites which ran Rielle Hunter 24/7 have, by all appearances, called off the dogs. Even the National Enquirer seems off the hunt. If there are any more bombshells in the Edwards-Hunter arsenal, perhaps the NE is holding it until after the election.

Andrew Young, the ex-John Edwards staffer and alleged “father” of Baby Frances Quinn, is supposedly back in North Carolina, along with his wife and other children, awaiting the completion of his million-dollar mansion, the one he built with no visible means of support.

Unfortunately for Fred Baron, the Texas lawyer and Democrat big wig who financed Hunter and Young’s cross country trips and manse rentals out of the goodness of his heart, he’s in the battle of his life.

According to his son Andrew, the elder Baron was recently diagnosed with final stage Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of plasma cells in the bone marrow, and given days to live.

After initially being denied access to Tysabri, a last chance experimental drug undergoing clinical trials, despite entreaties by President Bill Clinton, Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator John Kerry, Senator John Harkin, Lance Armstrong and Dr. Andrew Von Eschenbach (head of the FDA), Baron is now receiving the drug under the auspices of The Mayo Clinic.

* Does John Edwards plan on trying to resurrect his political career? Apparently so. The ex-VP candidate and NC Senator has speaking engagements planned for after the election, starting with an appearance at Indiana University on November 11.
* Elizabeth Edwards says that her condition has not worsened, according to reports. She continues to speak in favor of socialized health care.
* Rielle Hunter is rumored to be co-producer of a movie, a move some are saying is one of the quiet payoffs for remaining quiet over the paternity of her daughter.
* The New York Post is rumored to have new photos coming out in the near future of Rielle Hunter and daughter, Frances Quinn.
* Andrew Young, according to some sources, has moved into his new multi-million dollar home. He is still reported to be without visible means of support.

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