Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Culture: Iraq Good News, Culture Wars Madness and Idiot of the Week

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Culture Watch Vol. 37
Nancy Morgan


The Obama campaign continues its media fueled juggernaut. Despite McCain now within the margin of error, the Media Declares Obama The Winner. Obama ads are now embedded in video games, and government schools even have a textbook that includes a chapter on Obama. One Middle school was ordered to remove a huge Obama poster hanging over the front entrance. I don't know about you, but this guy is starting to scare me.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, there is lots of unreported,


Fox News appears to be the only media reporting on the excellent news coming out of Iraq. Baghdad has actually started to disarm. Iraqi soldiers have been collecting private guns around the capitol. Now, only citizens with the proper permits can keep their weapons.

Remember Fallujah? As in, 'the bloody battle of..?' Well, things have changed. Last February, there were 8,000 Marines stationed there to ensure security. Now there are only 3,000. And by next month, there will be none. Zero, Zip. All across Iraq our troops are quietly leaving - and so far the Iraqis are doing a pretty good job of keep their country terrorist free. Dare we say Mission Accomplished??

Oh, our guys also killed the number 2 al-Qaeda leader in Iraq - a Moroccan guy known for his ability to recruit and motivate foreign fighters. With any luck, he is now enjoying the company of 72 vegetarians in the great hereafter.

In other good news, Iran has decided to limit child executions. A new judicial directive bans the execution of kids for drug crimes but keeps capitol punishment for those convicted of murder. Talk about baby steps.


Bad news on the culture front. A new poll shows a full 69% of Democrats agree with Obama's socialist 'spread the wealth' position. And conservative icon Bill Buckley's son, Christopher, has decided to endorse Obama. He has since resigned from his dad's flagship magazine, National Review. Go figure.

Good news in France as Frenchmen decide to stand up for their country - Now, any football match before which France's National Anthem is booed, will be immediately stopped.
San Francisco will be voting on a measure this November to diss Bush in a big way by naming a sewage treatment plant after him. This is what liberals consider 'cute.' This is what conservatives consider an appalling lack of manners and class. One thing for sure - San Fran won't ever see a nickel of my vacation dollars.
God has gotten the boot in Washington. It seems another revision of America's religious history has been underway - this time at the $621 million Capitol Visitor Center due to open in a couple months.

For some reason, sex seems to be a major front in the culture wars. The good news is that sex offenders in Maryland must post this sign on their residences, in order to give trick-or-treaters a heads up that a pervert lives there.

In a further push towards androgyny, men are now invading women's fashion. It seems men's bras and mascara aren't enough. Now the truly 'with it' metrosexual is sporting 'manyhose.' Another cute idea from the left. For the record - I, nor anyone I know, will ever date a man wearing mantyhose. Yech.

Over in Dubai, a couple, who no doubt believed that all cultures are equal, was sentenced to jail for having public sex.

On the education front, an elementary school teacher who decided to have a sex-change operation and spring it on her class with no warning has a few parents spanking mad. (Can I say that?)

In what is called 'higher education,' thousands of useful idiots cum professors have signed a petition in support of domestic terrorist and fellow teacher (and friend of Obama), William Ayers. Remember him? He's the guy that tried to blow up the Pentagon and, to this day, regrets not being able to do so. Maybe Obama will make him head of Homeland Security.

Last, but not least, a homeless 22 year-old man killed a New York City college student because he was bored.


Check out the new, all too green, air-powered car. Its called the AirPod. Expect a huge decrease in the Green population if eco-idiots decide to drive this on the same road as a semi.

A new study has determined what I knew years ago: Bottled water is no purer than tap water. Also reporting on the obvious, another study has found that you have to listen to 7 late night jokes about Republicans for every 1 joke about Democrats. What makes this disturbing is the fact that late night talk shows are the major source of political news for most young people.


The hands down winner of this week's Idiots Award is Ireland's biggest bookmaker Paddy Power. He decided Thursday that he would pay out early more than 1 million euros on bets that Obama will be the next US president.

Space constraints and the plethora of idiots has resulted in RightBias launching a full page of winners and runners-up in our new weekly 'Idiots Of The Week Awards'. Check it out for more absurdities.
Till next week, keep smiling,

by Nancy Morgan

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