Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama Birth Certificate: Serious Citizenship Questions Emerge

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Serious Questions Emerge About Obama's U.S. Citizenship
Nancy Morgan

Obama's Birth Certificate and the Campaign's Response

For weeks, Internet blogs have been abuzz with questions regarding the validity of Obama's U.S. citizenship. Only recently have these questions been given serious consideration

Philip Berg, lifelong Democrat and Philadelphia lawyer, filed a lawsuit August 8, 2008, challenging Obama's claim of U.S. citizenship. The lawsuit could be resolved if Obama simply produces his birth certificate, which he has yet to do.

Questions have arisen about the birth certificate Obama initially placed on his web site. Well known Fact, attested to its authenticity but, as this video produced by Philip Berg shows, serious questions remain. Berg has pointed out that is associated with the Annenberg Foundation, upon whose board Obama once sat.

Obama's grandmother has allegedly claimed to have been present at Obama's birth - in a hospital in Kenya. (Obama has taken the unprecedented step of suspending his campaign two weeks before the election in order to visit with his grandmother in Hawaii.) Obama's half-sister claims differently.

To date, the questions swirling around Obama's birth certificate have not been investigated or aired by any major media outlet. WPTV of West Palm Beach Florida is the only credible source to address this issue. They report, "The Obama camp and Democratic National Committee responded to the lawsuit by filing a motion to dismiss, but they never responded to the request for admissions.", yesterday also reported on these allegations, as did conservative talk show host, Michael Savage. considers William Berg's video compelling enough to be seriously considered. Though we have not done an in-depth investigation, the fact that Obama has yet to produce his birth certificate raises valid questions.

This video is app. 9 minutes long. Every American should have access to the information it contains in order to decide for themselves the veracity of Berg's allegations.

by Nancy Morgan
image: dbkp file

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