Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama Birth Certificate: State Lawsuits Spread

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Birth Certificate Lawsuits Mushroom in State Courts
Obama Birth Certificate Federal Lawsuit
African Press International

Obama Birth Certificate

State Courts See More Lawsuits over Obama Citizenship Issue

Got this from Yid with Lid, NRO Cover's Obama's Birth Certificate-Lawsuits Spread to EIGHT States, who did yeoman's work in rounding up the lawsuits which have mushroomed over the last several days concerning the birth Certificate of Barack Obama.

Good Day for those looking to find out the truth about Senator Obama's Birth Certificate. Its finally growing beyond the "blogisphere." Andy McCarthy of NRO Picked it up today and the number of Law Suits is up to eight States. Senator, if all IS kosher with your "Certificate of Live Birth" then why don't you tell Hawaii to release your Official Document?:

Turning the Page from Campaign Finance Fraud . . . [Andy McCarthy]

YWL lists the lawsuits in the state courts:

  • (HI) Andy Martin at email:
  • (WA) Steve Marquis email: ; website:
  • (CA) David Archbold email
  • (GA) Tom Terry email:
  • (PA) Philip Berg email: ; website:
  • (NY) Dan Smith email:
  • (CT) Cort Wrotnowski email:

While not found of court actions in general, all of this could have been avoided.

With the Obama website, "Fight the" posting that Obama had dual citizenship with Kenya, questions were bound to arise.--questions which the campaign has sucessfully ignored thus far since posting the dual citizenship annnouncement.

Since the story is spreading rapidly over the last several days--Rush Limbaugh mentioned it yesterday, Michael Savage interviewed Phillip Berg last night and now NRO reporting on it--expect a curt denial from the campaign.

As well as the appropriate pieces in Big Media castigating any who have asked questions.

BERG v. OBAMA Federal Lawsuit

Jeff Schreiber at America's Right--who broke the Berg v. Obama lawsuit story on the Internet and has excellent coverage of the lawsuit has news. From Space Reserved for News on Court Order

Second, I was told yesterday afternoon that the order would likely be coming down either late yesterday--5:30 to 6:00 p.m.--or some time this morning. Obviously, Judge Surrick has the final word on this, and if he feels that he is not satisfied with his memorandum, especially considering the number of new filings this week, it may be later.

Schreiber also reports what may be a rightly called a bombshell:

Incidentally, Philip Berg was on Michael Savage's radio program last night and spoke about taped evidence, and sworn affidavits, that he has showing Obama's paternal grandmother in Kenya saying that she was present in the delivery room for his birth. I know for a fact that Berg does indeed have tapes of this kind in his possession -- but as the parts I heard were in a language I did not understand [and he was in the process of having translated], I cannot attest for sure that the tapes contain what Berg contends.

This is complete news to many--including DBKP.


There are so many conflicting stories on the African Press International story that we will refrain from comment until some hard info can be obtained.

DBKP has received emails with many claims. Some of these claims are very believable and come from sources that are credible. Some are not.

The only thing we know for sure is that World Net Daily is reporting that it has an unnamed source at Fox News that is saying that there are no negotiations with Fox News ongoing over the API tapes.

Fox News denies negotiating over 'Michelle Obama tapes':

"A Fox News official who requested anonymity said there simply were no negotiations with API over any tapes or any other issue."

The number of rumors and speculation over Barack Obama seems to have hit a hit point in the last few days. Rumors over such things as Obama's relationship with Frank Marshall Davis, parentage, and other issues has grown.

We don't put any stock in many of the rumors; but when information is kept from the public, the public will many times supply its own information. The secrecy surrounding the Obama medical, college and university records only fuels the speculation.

We will only remark: a wait and see attitude seems advisable--heavy on the "wait".

by Mondo Frazier

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