Friday, October 24, 2008

CORRUPTION: Obama Shady Contributions, Big Media's Lack of Reporting it

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Obama Shady Campaign Contributions:
Serious Questions Surround
Almost Half of Obama Contributions
Credit Card Chicanery, Foreign Donations

Mainstream Media Not Interested

Back in May, Doug Ross made the discovery that Barack Obama was the only website that accepted foreign contributions without proof of US citizenship.

The Mainstream Press yawned.

"In May of this year I noted the fact that the Obama campaign ran the only website that permitted donations from foreign countries without any proof of citizenship."

The MSM is still yawning--when they take time out from digging through dumpsters looking for their next big break in the Joe the Plumber story.

Now, Ross is writing about the Obama campaign disabling safeguards so that even Osama bin Laden can make a credit card contribution to his favorite agent of 'Change!'.

From Doug Ross@Journal: The Obama Campaign's Massive Credit Card Scandal
You know how ACORN registered thousands of bogus voters like Mickey Mouse and Daffy Duck? ACORN's handlers at the Obama campaign seem to be accepting contributions from Mickey and Daffy too.

It turns out that the Obama campaign's crack team of fundraisers decided to turn off all security validation for credit-card donations. Want to enter the name Pedro Martinez when the credit-card belongs to Arnold Fizbin? Need to use the ZIP code 99999 when the card owner's ZIP is 02154? No problem! The Obama campaign doesn't care!

In order for this to occur, the "Address Verification System has to be specifically disabled to allow this fraud."

If this happened on the McCain-Palin08 website, a gaggle of reporters would descend on the story and the BREAKING! graphic would likely melt down on CNN from overuse--if one can image that.

Andrew McCarty, Ross notes, has estimated that almost half of Obama's contributions--nearly $200 million--have questions surrounding them. Where are the vetting agents of Big Media?

Well, yesterday they were writing about the Republican National Committee's budget for Sarah Palin's wardrobe.

Estimates ranged as high as--brace yourself--$150,000. We'll be the first to admit that reporters are not always the smartest people in the world, so perhaps the large numbers involved in the Obama contributions story have given them trouble.

The New York Times, TIME and Newsweek might consider hiring math tutors.

Ross ends up:

In summary: the five-year stock price of the New York Times

While the Times' CSI unit probes Joe the Plumber's health records and scrutinizes Sarah Palin's shoe bills, an election is well nigh being stolen right under their very eyes. Although this scandal is a doozy, the Times is silent about this flagrant abuse of election law.

Eleven days remain until the election... hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal and foreign donations appear to have flowed into Obama's coffers... and Manhattan's Pravda can't rustle up a story. Not to worry. I give them six months.

Don't let these criminals steal the election. Vote.

The dereliction of duty in the Mainstream Press in 2008 has been breath-taking.

For students of history, one of the only advantages to living through times of great corruption is being able to say later, "I was there."

One only has to determine which corruption is worse: the Obama campaign's contribution mechanisms or the silence in the toothless watchdog press.

by Mondo Frazier
image: Doug Ross@Journal; dbkp file

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