Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama's Records: Obama Campaign Still Refuses Release of Medical, College Records

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Barack Obama's Refusal to Release Records:
Medical, College, University Records Off-Limits

"Every time somebody turns over a rock of Barack Obama's past, something unpleasant crawls out."
--RE Bierce, in email to DBKP

The Obama campaign refuses to release Obama's medical records--as well as Obama's records from Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard.

Why is that?

Perhaps it is because, as one reader put it, "Every time somebody turns over a rock of Barack Obama's past, something unpleasant crawls out."

The Mainstream Media refuses to press the issue.

Why is that?

In the Chicago Tribune's case, it's because they have a vested interest: the Tribune asked Obama to run for president in 2006. Obama's campaign mastermind, David Axelrod, used to work for the Chicago Tribune. One would assume he still has a few friends that work at the paper.

And friends do favors for friends.

The following video details a few unpleasant facts about Barack Obama and what little is known about his past: his association with Bill Ayers, ACORN, Jeremiah Wright, and the list continues.

We saw the video on a post entitled, "The Smoking Gun Obama Post" at Infidels are Cool site.

The "smoking gun post" has a collection of links that ask a host of questions that would most likely make the Obama campaign uncomfortable--if they were pressed on the issues by MSM reporters.

But, they haven't been.

Among some of the links in the IAC article (comments below the links are by IAC's Infidelesto:

The post at Infidels are Cool lists another 11 links in their list.

DBKP has written on many of the subjects listed above. Some are listed below.


* Obama, Bill Ayers: Ayers Wanted to Kill 25 Million Die-Hard Capitalists
* Raila Odinga: Obama Campaigned for His Cousin Odinga; Violence Against Christians After Loss
* Joe Biden: Elect Obama and We’ll Have an International Crisis
* Obama, Cousin Raila Odinga: Obama’s Foreign Policy Experience
* Obama Medical Records: MSM’s Don’t Ask, Obama’s Don’t Tell Policy
* Obama Legacy: Obama Disenfranchised Voters in Illinois to win State Senate Seat
* Barack Obama and Saul Alinsky: Chicago Godfather of Community Organizers
* Ohio Presidential Election News Roundup: Think Tank files RICO Suit Against ACORN
* Obama Tax Plan: We’re Going to Spread the Wealth Around

* Obama College, Medical, Birth Records: Who is Barack Obama?
* Barack Obama, Socialist: Obama a Member of Socialist New Party
* Barack Obama, Bill Ayers: NY Times Continues to Whitewash Obama-Ayers Connection
* Obama, Bill Ayers, and FactCheck.Org: All Have Ties To Annenberg Foundation
* McCain Works on Financial Crisis While Obama Touts $845 Billion Global Poverty Bill Funded by US Taxpayers
* Obama, Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers: The ‘Tangential’ Bill Ayers

Plenty of questions about the ever-shifting narrative offered by Team Obama.

NewsMax investigated the claims made on Obama's "" and found that the 'Smears' About Obama Largely True.

"Smear" being the word for any uncomfortable information that has surfaced in the media or on the Internet.

Why does the Obama campaign refuse to release Obama's medical, college and university records?

Two reasons: one, the Mainstream Media allows them to get away with it. It's unthinkable what the outcry would be if John McCain had refused to release his records. In fact, in May, because McCain delayed in releasing his medical records, there was such an outcry.

The second reason for the refusal?

The refusal suggests the Obama campaign is afraid of what those records might reveal.

by Mondo Frazier
image: dbkp file

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