Monday, November 3, 2008

Andrew Sullivan vs. Trig Palin: Sullivan's Womb Cage Match

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Andrew Sullivan:
Writer Relentlessly Tracks Trig Troof

Dauntless Daily Disher Doubts Doctor

Sullivan's Dig to Bottom
Of Troof

Andrew Sullivan continues to his lonely battle over Sarah Palin's ovaries.

Sullivan has written a series of posts outlining his theory that Trig Palin is not Sarah Palin's child, but is actually her grandson. Palin released a two-page medical summary yesterday--which is twice the pages released by presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

Sullivan does mention in his latest gynecological probe post [Palin's Doctor Writes] the absence of any medical records from presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

Obama gave Palin a precedent for this kind of letter as a replacement for records with his equally secretive and brief doctor's note. But at least he did so well ahead of time, and has no serious questions pending about his own health history.

It is not known if Sullivan plans on questioning the parentage of any other candidates' offspring. From another recent Sullivan post, Palin's Medical Records: The Bitter End:

Are you as unsurprised as I am? Two months of begging from this blog and nada. We all know why:

Sullivan quotes disingenuously: "John McCain, Barack Obama and Joseph Biden have all provided details about their medical history."

The release of the candidates' medical records is striking: John McCain gave reporters access for three hours to almost 1200 pages of medical records. Joe Biden gave reporters access to all but brain scan records. Palin released her two-page summary from her doctor.

Obama meanwhile, after almost 2 years of constant campaigning for president, has released a one-page undated letter from a doctor the Obama campaign said would be unavailable for interviews.

We do not know what the Obama medical records would reveal--most likely nothing.

But, from a candidate campaigning for 2 years on issues of "transparency", this seems odd. Combined with the refusal by Obama to release college and university records, there are large gaps in what is known about Barack Obama.

Palin, has been campaigning for about 2 months. During that time, Andrew Sullivan has kept alive the issue of the Palin elephant in womb.

We wish Andrew Sullivan luck in his "begging" for the troof.

by Mondo Frazier
hat tip: Dan Collins, Ass
images: dbkp file

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