Monday, November 3, 2008

The World and US Elections: Israelis Favor McCain; Iran for Obama

Israelis Favor McCain, Iranians Prefer Obama

By Bob McCarty at

Barack Obama has, according to many news accounts about the 2008 presidential race, won the love and admiration of many people around the world. Perhaps more worthwhile than the results of any global opinion poll is a look at how Israelis and Iranians would vote if given the chance.

Published one week ago, a ynet news article, Poll: Israel votes McCain in US elections, revealed that 46% of Israelis would vote for Republican Party presidential nominee John McCain if given chance to elect the U.S. president while only 34 percent would vote for the Democratic Party contender. Further, almost half of those polled believe McCain would better impact Jewish state.

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Published a few days earlier, another ynet news article, Larijani: Iran prefers Obama, revealed that Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani believes his country is leaning towards Obama in the U.S. presidential election "because he is more flexible and rational."

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Summary: Israelis like McCain, and Iranians like Obama. Any questions?*

*If, after carefully considering the facts above, you find yourself still undecided about who to support in the presidential election Tuesday, remember to listen to "The Poll Whisperer" before you cast your vote.

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