Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Culture: ObamaMedia, Cultural Shenanigans, Idiot of the Week

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Culture Watch Vol. 39
Nancy Morgan
November 3, 2008

With the election only hours away, the old media remains in full Obama mode. One newspaper even went so far as to proclaim Obama the winner. Other media are also proclaiming Obama the winner, well ahead of the election.
Obama is helping them out, as he just booted three conservative papers from his campaign plane. He had to make way for a black weekly magazine, dontcha know.

The LA Times is doing its part by refusing to release a video of Obama toasting a PLO bigwig and saying nasty things about Israel. This kerfluffle has prompted a $175,000 bribe/reward being offered to the Times reporter, just to do his job and report the news.

However this election turns out, the silver lining will be the death of the old media. Circulation at the nation's daily newspapers is falling faster than anticipated this year as readers continue their migration to the internet. I'm smiling.

A few of the stories being overlooked by the old media include:

* Obama's Kenyan aunt, an illegal immigrant, has been found living in public housing in Boston. I have to flash back to Obama's statement of October 24, "Most people understand that if you are not caring for your family, then you are probably not the kind of person who is going to be caring for other people." No word on whether Obama's half-brother in Kenya is still living on a few dollars a month. Oh well, at least his shack is legal.
*In a newly surfaced tape, Obama explains that, as president, he would "bankrupt" anyone looking to build a new coal powered plant in the US.

* Lots of developments in the ongoing saga involving Obama's birth certificate. For the latest, check out, 'Obama's Birth Certificate Still Under Wraps'.

*Oh, another story the media buried on the back pages was the astounding news that October was the first month of the Iraq war when no US servicemen died in combat in Baghdad.


Times are tough, but don't worry about our public servants. The collective wealth of members of Congress grew by 13% last year. "They came to do good, and ended up doing well."

A New Jersey teen was sent home from school for dressing up as Jesus on Halloween.

A California school refuses to say what action, if any, it will take after receiving complaints about a kindergarten teacher who encouraged her students to sign "pledge cards" in support of gays. Lovely.

The first measures capable of detecting new HIV cases show that Philadelphians are being infected at a rate more than 50% higher than residents of New York and a whopping five times higher than the rest of the nation. Could it be something something in the water, or the schools? Inquiring minds want to know.

In Nebraska, they're trying to redo a 'safe-haven' law which allows parents to safely abandon their babies. To date, some two dozen teenagers have been abandoned by their parents.
In the UK, smokers are soon to be banned from fostering children, under radical measures to be introduced in London. Whew, someone finally looking out for the kids.

As liberals continue to spend a good portion of their time proving how non-racist they are, along comes Minister King Samir Shabazz. This lovely fellow is the head of the New Panther Party. Here is how he describes himself, "I'm about the total destruction of white people. I'm about the total liberation of black people. I hate white people. I hate my enemy..." Thank-God America is color-blind. The only question remaining is, how many times is this dude going to vote for Obama?

On a lighter note, for all those who object to strip clubs, help is on the way. Federal authorities are reversing position (shock) and asking a judge to let U.S. marshals operate a strip club seized after the owner was convicted of tax evasion. Next thing you know, our taxpayer dollars will be funding this joint after the feds run it into the ground.

A New York Chinese restaurant has been shut down after workers were found dicing up road kill to serve in their dishes.


In Romania, a man put his wife up for sale on a website specialising in used cars. He quickly lowered the price in order to get a quick sale.
Over in Saudi Arabia, breeders are now holding beauty pageants for sheep.

A new study has found that the color red makes men feel more amorous towards women. It looks like men may also be willing to spend more money on women wearing red. I wonder if that holds true for sheep.

National Geographic has published this years' award winning animal photos. Awesome.

The winner of this week's Idiot Of The Week Awards is a 52-year-old El Paso man. This grown man decided to depart this vale of tears by throwing himself off a bridge. Which he did. The coup de grace, however, was a note he left behind. It was addressed to Obama, asking him to take care of his family for him.

So many idiots, so little space. For the rest of the RightBias Idiot Awards, click here.

Till next Monday, keep smiling, and VOTE,

by Nancy Morgan

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