Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election 2008: LIVE Blogging the Elections All Evening

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DBKP Live Blogging:
LIVE! Coverage of the 2008 Election

Election 2008

DBKP will LIVE! Blog Election Day 2008 from 6 pm until the finish.

UPDATES throughout the evening at Election 2008: LIVE Blogging the Elections All Evening.

UPDATE #1 - 1815 EST - MORE Exit Poll Information
UPDATE #2 - working

1800 EST - Exit poll information

70% Think there will be another Terrorist Attack on USA

5:45 pm

Fox News has some exit poll information. Remember that exit polls have been historically, dramatically wrong. They have been wrong. Most likely there are many items wrong in 2008.

Pick and choose time from the 2008 exit polls.

75% of exit voters were concerned about Supreme Court justice picks.
70% of exit polls thought that their taxes will go up under Obama.
61% of exit polls thought that their taxes will go up under McCain.

90% think their votes will be counted accuately.
9% don't.

24% think that Congreessis doing a good job.
74% don't.

60% think McCain has the right Experience.

Exit Polls:
In Indiana, Ohio and Virginia, white males favor McCain.
In Indiana, Ohio and Virginia, new voters favor Obama by 2-1.
In Ohio, late undecideds broke for Obama.
In Virginia and Indiana, they broke

56% opposed financial bailout.

62% think the economy is the top issue.
70% think there will be another terrorist attack on the USA.

42% think they are worse off than 4 years ago.
21% think they are better off.

23% will be scared if Obama wins.
30% will be scared if McCain wins.

That's what's happening shortly before 6 pm. Next Update at approximately 6:20 pm.

UPDATE #1 - 1815 EST - MORE Exit Poll Information

BEWARE! Exit Poll info. Four years ago, Kerry was winning in a landslide, according to exit polls at that time. That, of course, was totally incorrect.

CHANGE! voters favor Obama 91-8%.
New voters favor Obama 67-29%.
New voters are not making up any larger percentage of of the electorate than in previous years.

Clinton Democrats are saying they are backing Obama 82-16% in Ohio.

Both sides are turning out voters in big numbers.

No information yet about how Obama's remarks about coal, which were publicized the last several days, are affecting the vote in coal states.

More Exit poll info:

40% think McCain is in touch.
42% think Obama is too liberal.

Some polls have Obama trailing by 5% in Indiana.

Sarah Palin was cleared of ethic charges yesterday. How much press coverage did that receive? We're looking right now.

It was covered by the Associated Press. There are a few stories on Google News--but not nearly as many as reported the earlier report that she was "guilty" of ethics violations.


UPDATE - working

by Mondo Frazier
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