Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dubai: Strip Searching the Fun From Vacations

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DUBAI Vacation:
Stripping the Fun out of Those Two Weeks

[ABOVE: Dubai]

Sandy Beaches, Intimate Strip Searches

Dubai is often sold as a vacation heaven. The idea of vacationing in a 120-degree desert , while attempting to enjoy the civilization, i.e. malls, dance clubs, shopping and fine restaurants, that one gave up back home to be in this desert hellhole was always a mystery to us here at DBKP.

I mean we can enjoy these things without the airfare and hotel costs of Dubai (the hotel cost per night approach the $600 range for a beachfront). But there are many, apparently, who will pay for rocky beaches, artificial islands shaped like palm trees, little booze, and a population that believes: if you are a non-Muslim you are a second-class human.

You learn the latter at the wonderful airport.

My strip-search trauma at Dubai airport by Lily... and her showbiz pals Agy and Rhys

Some of Britain’s best-known stars – including singer Lily Allen and supermodel Agyness Deyn – were subjected to intimate strip-searches on their way to the lavish launch of the world’s most expensive resort in Dubai. Now I don't know who any of these Actor Rhys Ifans and Ms Deyn’s rock-star boyfriend Albert Hammond Jnr were also among more than 100 guests examined by Dubai Customs officials to ensure they were not smuggling drugs into the country.

Now that is not the way anyone would like to start a vacation. Nor did these individuals.

"Ms Allen said she was left ‘terrified’ by her ordeal, while Ms Deyn said she found her treatment ‘traumatic’.

[ABOVE: All smiles: Lily Allen enjoyed herself at the Aquaventure water park in Atlantis but the airport strip search was no laughing matter]

The United Arab Emirates has a strict anti-drugs policy. Earlier this year British tourist Keith Brown was jailed for four years after a microscopic speck of cannabis was found on the sole of his shoe."

Now I know what the cynical DBKP readers are thinking: Big Deal. We got nothing to hide. Well as it turns out it is a big deal. Because these searches are not only time consuming, and initiated without cause except for the non-Islamic status of the victim, but they are bizarrely intrusive and humiliating.. Almost as if that were the intention. Hmmmmm. Recollection about one male quest, all invited by the way to publicize the opening of a hotel:

"But one of his travel companions said: ‘Rhys quivered to jelly as soon as the officers approached him. He was beside himself with worry. They made him strip bare and poked him about with plastic gloves.

‘He had to hold his private parts out of the way while an officer did a thorough inspection. After nearly two hours of being interrogated and molested he was told to put his clothes back on and go on his way.
‘He was very scared and at one point was close to tears as he honestly thought he was going to be banged up. It’s really put the wind up him. It will be the only thing he will remember about the trip – he tells everyone he comes into contact with. "

This is by no means an isolated incident.Here is an account of a honeymonner a couple of years ago:

"[Bam Marera] told NY Daily News that upon returning from his honeymoon in Dubai with new wife, Missy Rothstein, he and his wife got close and personal with airport security.

He said, “I know Perez Hilton made a joke about how Bam and Missy are going on their honeymoon in Dubai — and don’t take any drugs with you because some guy just got caught with weed and got in big, big, big, big trouble.

“So I guess they were waiting for us to come in because they checked every pocket of our clothes. They even tapped out our cigarettes to make sure it was tobacco.

“Then they led both of us to a certain room, and we both had to get completely nude. I was like, ‘Are they kidding?’

“They were like checking under my dick for something taped under it. I’m like, ‘This is literally insane.‘"

Yes it insane. And so is anyone who would support these nutcases with his money. Try Florida or Hawaii instead. Leave these creeps to stew in their own juices.

[ABOVE: Muslim served by his naked Hindu slave]

by pat
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* hindu jagruti

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