Thursday, December 4, 2008

Papercuts Poll Results: MSNBC Judged 'Most Unreliable MSM Organization

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Which Mainstream Media Organization is Most Unreliable?

The results of DBKP's poll, "Which Mainstream Media Organization is Most Unreliable?" are in and we have a winner.

35% of respondents chose MSNBC as the most unreliable, biased MSM organization. Fox News was second with 27%.


  1. MSNBC - 35%

  2. Fox News - 27%

  3. New York Times - 18%

  4. CNN - 7%

  5. Los Angeles Times - 4%

  6. CBS News - 2%

  7. Washinton Post - 2%

  8. Newsweek - 1%

  9. TIME - 1%

The ran from November 11-30 2008 and 741 people participated.

DBKP's current poll question, "POLL: Which NFL Team Will Win Super Bowl XLIII" runs until November 8 2008.

Currently, the NY Giants lead with 26%, followed by the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennesee Titans.

by Mondo Frazier
image: dbkp file

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