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25 Most Memorable Movie Quotes of All Time

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Sunset Boulevard

25 Most Memorable Movie Quotes


IN 2005, the American Film Institute announced the 100 most memorable movie quotes of all time.

The jury was composed of 1,500 film artists, critics, and historians.

Part of the AFI 100 Years... series, AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movie Quotes is a list of the top 100 movie quotations in American cinema. The American Film Institute revealed the list in June of 2005 in a three-hour television program on CBS. The program was hosted by actor Pierce Brosnan and had commentary from many Hollywood actors and filmmakers.
--AFI's 100 Years...100 Movie Quotes

How many of the following quotes is the reader familiar with? There are three characters in the Top 25 that have two quotes each. Before peeking, are there any guesses who these might be?
HINT: One is an actor (who has a total of three quotes in the Top 25) and two are actresses.

Link at the end will take you to the rest of the Top 100.


"A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti."

No.QuotationCharacter ActorMOVIE
1"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."Rhett ButlerClark GableGone With the Wind
2"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse."Vito CorleoneMarlon BrandonThe Godfather
3 "You don't understand! I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I could've been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am."Terry MaloneMarlon BrandoOn the Waterfront
4"Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."Dorothy GaleJudy GarlandThe Wizard of Oz
5"Here's looking at you, kid."Rick BlaineHumphrey BogartCasablanca
6"Go ahead, make my day."Harry CallahanClint EastwoodSudden Impact
7"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."Norma DesmondGloria SwansonSunset Boulevard
8"May the Force be with you."Obi Wan KenobiAlec GuinnessStar Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
9"Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night."Margo ChanningBette DavisAll About Eve
10"You talkin' to me?"Travis BickleRobert DiNiroTaxi Driver
11"What we've got here is failure to communicate."CaptainStrother MartinCool Hand Luke
12"I love the smell of napalm in the morning!"Lt. Col. Bill KilgoreRobert DuvallApocolypse Now
13"Love means never having to say you're sorry."Jennifer Cavilleri BarrettAli McGrawLove Story
14"The stuff that dreams are made of."Sam SpadeHumprey BogartThe Maltese Falcon
15"E.T. phone home."E.T.Pat WelshE.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
16"They call me Mister Tibbs!"Virgil TibbsSidney PoitierIn the Heat of the Night
17"Rosebud."Charles Foster KaneOrsen WellesCitizen Kane
18"Made it, Ma! Top of the world!"Arthur "Cody" JarrettJames CagneyWhite Heat
19"I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"Howard BealePeter FinchNetwork
20"Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."Rick BlaineHumphrey BogartCasablanca
21Hannibal LectorAnthony HopkinsThe Silence of the Lambs
22"Bond. James Bond."James BondSean ConneryDr. No
23"There's no place like home."Dorothy HaleJudy GarlandThe Wizard of Oz
24"I am big! It's the pictures that got small."Norma DesmondGloria SwansonSunset Boulevard
25"Show me the money!"Rod TidwellCuba Gooding, Jr.Jerry Malone

How many of these had the reader heard before? On a personal note, #24 was new to this writer.

For the rest of the Top 100 quotes: AFI's 100 Years…100 Movie Quotes.

by Mondo Frazier
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* Swiss Miss

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