Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jaime Jungers: Alleged Mistress Number Four in Tiger Woods Scandal Emerges

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UPDATES and more at DBKP original article: Jaime Jungers: Mistress Number 4 in Tiger Woods Scandal Surfaces

JAIME JUNGERS: The Newest Tiger Woods' Affair?


[ABOVE: Jaime Junger's MySpace page picture]

Another day, another Tiger Woods mistress.

This one is Jaime Jungers and like Rachel Uchitel and several other Woods' extramarital squeezes, hails from Las Vegas. Where Tiger's concerned, what happens in Vegas--and Australia and elsewhere--doesn't stay in Vegas.

Just who is this latest Tiger Woods' girl?

From the Jamie Jungers is Tiger Woods 4th alleged mistress; but 5 and 6?

Her name is Jamie Jungers (wow, close to Jamie Grubbs), she's 26-years-old, lives in Las Vegas, and this is her MySpace profile photo where she calls herself "MsMarch":

Apparently, there's more from the Chronicle's headline and rumors swirling about on the Internet. Jaimes Junger's MySpace page: MsMarch.

But this isn't news to golfers on the PGA tour and those who followed it and kept their ears open. From 'We all knew about Tiger's secret life':

The rumours had been around for years. At the US Open in June, one of the few journalists who has managed to forge a relationship that could described as anything other than formal with Woods, told me how his wife, Elin Nordegren, has issued a final ultimatum. The adultery had to stop. By Turnberry the next month, the whisper hit the media centre that Elin had turned up at the Open Championship unannounced and uncontrollable. The adultery plainly hadn't stopped. Woods missed just his second cut in a major as a professional. The word was he had other things on his mind.

It's becoming just as clear that Tiger's wife, Elin Nordegren Woods, also was aware of it. The inevitable buzz about divorce and the size of the settlement is also getting louder.

There's been talk this last week that Tiger's sponsors are standing steady behind him. But with whispers--and tabloid stories about payoffs, more affairs and drugs starting to dominate the coverage of golf, how long can that last?

[ABOVE: First three Tiger Woods' mistresses.]

The National Enquirer has a run-down on the first three women in the Tiger Woods scandal: TIGER & HIS PU$$YCATS

Is Jaime Junger, the latest Tiger Woods mistress to be made public the last?

Is she really a mistress at all, or just an acquaintance that's gotten rolled into this scandal that never ends?

Her name is just now being known. The facts, to be sure, will follow.

And the headaches, one thinks, are far from over for Tiger Woods.

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UPDATES and more at DBKP original article: Jaime Jungers: Mistress Number 4 in Tiger Woods Scandal Surfaces

by Mondo Frazier
images: DBKP file and Huffington Post and National Enquirer

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