Thursday, December 10, 2009

John Edwards Kicks out Rielle Hunter over $11K Squabble

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John Edwards throws out Rielle Hunter
[John Edwards and Rielle Hunter have differences over the amount of child support he's to pay.]

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UPDATES to this article at DBKP: John Edwards, Rielle Hunter Have a $11K Difference of Opinion



John Edwards and Rielle Hunter have a $11,360 per month Difference of Opinion

Like millions of other couples in America, former presidential candidate John Edwards and his mistress, Rielle Hunter, have a difference of opinion on how much child support she should receive each month for their daughter, Frances Quinn Hunter.

It's a $11,000+ per month difference of opinion.

John Edwards Love Child Scandal Library
Over 140 DBKP articles on John Edwards, Rielle Hunter and their daughter and the cover-up from December 2007.

According to the National Enquirer, Edwards has tossed his former squeeze out on the street.


When Rielle Hunter, the mother of John Edwards' love child,demanded more money in child support from the disgraced two-time Presidential loser, he tossed her and their daughter out on the street, sources tell the ENQUIRER exclusively!

Top secret documents obtained exclusively by The ENQUIRER provide undeniable proof that John Edwards is the father of his mistress' love child - and show that she's asking for nearly $18,000 a month in support!

[ABOVE: The National Enquirer's latest print edition, dated December 21, has the goods on John Edwards' failed attempt to keep his mistress, Rielle Hunter, and their love child, Frances Quinn Hunter, satisfied and mum.]

The Enquirer's print edition, which hit the streets in big-city America this morning, put the monthly money figure suggested by Hunter at $17,910.

This is the just the type of publicity that Edwards had hoped to avoid. The former Senator from North Carolina has had visions of resurrecting his political career and, according to published reports, was planning on confessing to paternity of Frances Quinn.

[ABOVE: Edwards once had his presidential headquarters in this building in Raleigh, NC.]

The Enquirer, in fact, reports of a meeting recently between Edwards' parents and their granddaughter.

According to neighbors, Edwards and wife, Elizabeth, have been living apart since sometime in 2008. However, the couple is still married, despite the original plans by John Edwards to move Hunter and Frances Quinn close by the house owned by both Edwards on Figure Eight Island, off the Wilmington, NC coast.

[ABOVE: Guard shack at the entrance to Figure Eight Island--a private community connected to Wilmington by private bridge. According to locals and neighbors, John Edwards has been living in his house on the island off and on since fall of 2008.]

According to the Enquirer, however, plans for Edwards to come clean--something he insisted he did on August 8, 2008 in his televised "confession" on ABC to a national audience--have been put into a delay mode.

Will John Edwards and Rielle Hunter agree to child support payments? Will the disagreement spill over into a nasty court battle? Will the Mainstream Media cover it if it does? Will anyone care, now that Edwards has been exposed as a politician willing to two-time his cancer-stricken wife while running for president?

Will Edwards be indicted for campaign finance shenanigans by a North Carolina grand jury? Or will he get a slap on the wrist? Did Hunter's testimony to that grand jury help him or hurt him? Did any Mainstream Media reporters testify in Edwards' behalf?

Will Hunter shop the tell-all book she was said to be writing as her "insurance policy", now that there's a substantial disagreement over how much money it takes to keep her and the couple's daughter?

Edwards was on Obama's VP list and was rumored to be first in line for Attorney General before the scandal broke into the public's view--no thanks to the Mouthpiece Media. Would Edwards have made a better AG than Eric Holder?

Will Rielle come in off the street?

If their disagreement does go to court and Rielle loses, will she be able to figure out how in the world she can raise a daughter on $6550 a month?

The Enquirer again: "But sources say Edwards balked at her demands and even though he'd agreed to buy her a home, he backed out of the deal at the last minute."

This drama that began in December 2007, when Edwards denied he was having an affair and called the Enquirer "tabloid trash". Not one reporter asked him a single question about the affair after November 2007.

It picked up when the Enquirer caught him leaving Hunter room at the Beverly Hilton in July 2008. Not one reporter asked him a question about being caught by Enquirer reporters for a week--even though Fox News confirmed the Enquirer's account.

It continued when Edwards "confessed" to the affair, but denied he was the father of Frances Quinn on ABC in August 2008.

It continues today, two years after the Enquirer named Rielle Hunter as the "other woman" and published photos of a very pregnant Hunter.

When will John Edwards finally come clean?

The readers' guess is as good as any.

by Mondo Frazier
images: National Enquirer; DBKP

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